How Training Your Dog For Giving Back The Ball Via Dogo App – (Android and IOS )

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How Training Your Dog For Giving Back The Ball Via Dogo App – (Android and IOS )

Let Us Know How Training Your Dog For Giving Back The Ball Via Dogo App (Android and IOS ) Our unconditional and undying love for dogs begins with the visual of a dog returning the ball to his owner.

We’ve all seen the drill and no matter how many times we watch it, this still doesn’t get old. This is perhaps the first thing we want our dog to do, however once we begin the training, it soon dawns on us that it is not that simple. We ought to be patient, and once our dog has all the pre-requisite boxes tick, only then can we graduate to the ball picking exercise.

Dogo app has make things pretty easy for us, we don’t need to go through the entire training following the hit and trail method. It has broken down everything for us and we simply need to follow their instructions. However this can only be done if you have the Dogo app on your phone, if you still haven’t downloaded the app, well now is your chance, download the Dogo app from the Play Store and get started with the training.

First thing you need to do is take the ball and play with it, if the ball can squeaked, then squeak it, this excites you dog and your puppy’s excitement is paramount for this drill. Once you have your puppy jumping around you in excitement, give the ball to him. He would obviously spare no second and would be delighted to have his ball back. Now you need to offer him a food treat and command him ‘give back’, he would give you the ball and take the treat. The trick is that you keep the food treat in one hand and offer the other hand for the ball, this way your dog would not get confused.

Now you need to repeat this exercise, each time your canine brings the ball back to you, you spread out your hand for the ball and once he hands over his ball to you, only then you give him the treat. Increase the distance gradually and refrain from rushing as that would only disrupt the momentum of the exercise. This is the easiest way to teach your dog and there is no finer instructor than the Dogo app. If you still haven’t downloaded the app, just go to Play Store and download the Dogo app. Dog training becomes more fun and easier with the Dogo app and you would genuinely feel the difference in training yourself.

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