How Training Your Dog Sit Command Through – Dogo App – On Google Play and App Store !!

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How Training Your Dog Sit Command Through – Dogo App – On Google Play and App Store !!

The Steps Of Training Your Dog Sit Command Through Via Dogo App !!  On Google Play and App Store !!

Sit is perhaps the first command that every do learns and this is perhaps the reason, why it is the first command of the junior level. But before we get started, if your guys haven’t yet downloaded the Dogo app from Play Store, you guys are missing a lot of cool stuff. It is the coolest dog training app on the internet and would aid you with your dog training routine. So what are you guys waiting for, download the Dogo app from the Play store, today and get started.

Remember that before we begin the sit routine, your dog must be familiar with the click treat and should respond to his name. If both of these pre-requisites are true, then you are ready to move on with the sit exercise. First step is that you need to call your puppy and ask him to sit, now of course he is not familiar with the command and would look confused. So what you need to do is take a food treat and move it around his mouth, make sure that he sniffs the treat. Once he if following your treat, you need to take the treat slightly above his height, in a position that he would have to sit for it, when he does that you give him the food treat and also a click  treat.

Now you need to repeat this exercise a few times to ensure that he masters the sit command. During repetition, all you need to do is remain calm and let him follow your lead. Do not pressurize your dog and do not scold him if he doesn’t obey you. For first times, use a food treat and after that only rely on click treat.

Your dog would soon learn that what he needs to do when he is asked to sit. Once you know that he is listening and responding positively to the command, you need to command him to sit and then move away. If he stays sit that is great, however if he follows you, you need to take him back to the original spot and then again command him to sit. He would respond to this and you could give him a click treat. Repeat this exercise a few times before moving on to the next exercise. Lastly you can only do this exercise correctly if you have the Dogo app installed in your phone.

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