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“Mom, I want a cat” or “Dad, I want to have a puppy,” are some of the phrases most repeated by children. In fact, in the past Christmas many of these pets were a gift option.

But a pet is not just that, you have to take care of them and dedicate a certain time. Sadly that is the reason why many of them cease to interest their owners in a short time and make the rate of abandonment of dogs and cats in Spain remain high. According to the latest study by the Affinity Foundation, published in 2016 and which provides data for 2015, 33,330 cats and 104,501 dogs were collected abandoned.

Without a doubt, having a pet is something that requires reflection and perseverance, premises that the owner must have very clear. In this case, mobile technology can help us to better serve your needs. In fact, there are dozens of applications designed for users who really love animals. Let’s see some.

To adopt

The first thing that is advised to alleviate the increase in animal abandonment is to adopt pets that have been found in the street before buying them in a store. There are several protective associations that are responsible for these animals until the adoption process is completed and thus prevent the dog or cat from being slaughtered in a kennel. Web platforms such as Adopt your dog, are responsible for contacting people interested in adopting, providing data and addresses of protectors of Spain, and where photographs and data of interest on each animal are also shown. On the other hand, in addition to adopting, you can sponsor one of these pets, since if you are not sure how living with them will be, but you declare yourself an animalist, it is better that you limit yourself to helping keep them before venturing to introduce them in House.

Also in this sense the Adoptaloo app works, a good pocket resource to find the pet that best suits our tastes while we review the cats and dogs that are waiting for a home and that raise the protective associations. The application is somewhat limited in terms of search parameters, since, for example, it does not discriminate in the result to cats and dogs already adopted from the rest, something that obliges to open tab by tab to find out this data.

To know them better

Once the animal is at home and it is time to fill him with the comforts and affections he needs. To do this, it is necessary to learn everything about them and here the Dogs: care and education app can help us (it also has a version for cats), which works as a query encyclopedia and links the contents that appear on the web Animal Expert: training, care, health, food, beauty and curiosities, among others. A good pocket tool that allows you to quickly consult any questions, such as why a cat eats the sand from its toilet or what can be the cause that does not let the dog sleep.

An app for day to day is 11Pets, as it helps you keep track of the animal. There we can plan medical care, hygiene and everything we consider important for its well-being. Having a calendar of vaccinations, deworming, teeth status, weight or even baths and haircuts, is more useful than it seems, especially if we have more than one pet and get lost easily in the daily hustle and bustle .

Pet friendly

One of the main disadvantages of having a pet is that we cannot take it everywhere. In other countries such as France or the United Kingdom it is perfectly normal to enter a cafeteria with a dog, since their owners comply with minimum standards of coexistence. However, in Spain these types of situations are still complicated. To help us in this regard we have Mr. Perro, a guide to get around the city with our pet and enter places where we are both welcome. Bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels, etc. appear geolocated. where they boast of the pet friendly label (pet friends). The SrPerro app offers places from all over Spain, but especially from large cities like Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Seville or Valencia where the urban pet culture is more entrenched. The guide is so complete that we will even find canine hairdressers, the best parks, photographers specialized in animals and even walkers for our dogs.

If we get into social networks, we will also discover some specific for pet owners, although the one that is best working is Instagram, where many users daily expose hundreds of wet snouts of dogs sniffing targets and that has even managed to make cats famous worldwide Nala, with more than 3 million followers or Grumpy Cat, the most moody cat on the network and has given rise to almost as many memes as Julio Iglesias.

If we look for a more specific social network, we find Unidogs, where dog lovers meet virtually to comment on anything that concerns their animals. And on the other hand it is a directory of nearby services that can be useful to properly care for these canids. The app also offers an alert service that allows you to report the loss of an animal. There is also a version for smartwatch in Android Wear.

Rate My Pets, meanwhile, is an app to expose your pet for other users to rate it (it is possible, for example, to organize virtual beauty pageants). To participate you just have to create a file with the animal data and upload the best photos we have. It is still an app with little experience and low participation, but in it we can find all kinds of domestic fauna, from guinea pigs, to parakeets, in addition to dogs and cats.

To exercise with your dog

A dog can also be a good excuse for exercise. The Map My Dog Walk app, from MapMyFitness, can record our walks and monitor both the route and the exercise performed. It even supports frequency bands and bracelets to control the heart rate through bluetooth. Dog Walk is another app with similar features that can even make statistics from the animal’s depositions or share photos of the walk with animals and friends.

To have fun with them

In the application stores it is also possible to find specific games for our pets. The Cat Games, for example, reproduces mice or fish on their screen so that the cats try to hunt them virtually. Your experience improves if used on a tablet and is available for free for both Android and iOS devices.

In the case of dogs, what entertains them are applications such as Dog Whistle, a virtual whistle for dogs of different frequencies that mostly serves as a training tool.

As a curiosity, the Dog Translator app, a nice application with which we can tease our friends making them believe that it really allows us to translate the barking of the dog. It is just a joke, but this is also a good way to become fond of the charm of these furry friends.

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