This game is so fun and amazing! But like with every other game, they always have their cons. However, my only issue, well, I don’t know how to phrase it but my fingers hurt a little from having to drag the items to the animals. Maybe add something like an auto item giver that you can turn on or off.

■ Game Introduction
  • “Animal Hot Springs” is an idle ‘casual’ management game.
  • Run your hot springs successfully to make it the most popular place ever.
  • You can earn acorns from animals visited.
  • Buy various bath items and upgrade the facilities with your acorns.
■ Game Features
  • – Easy, simple and idle management game that anyone can enjoy easily
  • – Bathing animals look so cute and adorable to look at
  • – Facility upgrades offering automatic acorn earning
  • – increase the reputation of the hot springs to invite all the animals
■ How to play
  • – You can earn acorns from animal visitors.
  • – Purchase a variety of bath goods in advance with your acorns and provide them properly.
  • – Satisfy your animals by providing bath goods properly and get the VIP stamps.
  • – Various facilities in lounge will help you increase your reputation and earn more acorns.
  • – Higher reputation enables you to invite more diverse animals.
  • – Collect all the hidden animals to reach the highest level.
■ Save Data
This game saves data to your device.
If you delete the game, your game progress will be lost.
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