Junior Level tricks in Dogo app – (Androind/IOS)

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Junior Level tricks in Dogo app – (Androind/IOS)

Dogo app is different from all other dog training apps, currently available on play store, it empowers its users and tells them how they can train they their puppies for specific commands.

This is an unheard of thing in this field and all of this is absolutely free of cost, which makes it even more special. People all over the globe are downloading the Dogo app and using it to train their dogs. If you haven’t yet downloaded Dogo app, no worries, your simply need to go to the Play Store, search for the Dogo app and download it.

Junior Level in Dogo app is the second level and here your dog would learn about sit and down command. Now for the sit command the instructions are simple, you don’t really need to go overboard with this, simply follow the instructions. So first step is to hold the treat and lift it from your dog’s head to his nose. When you lift the treat he probably would start bending his back, and this is precisely what you want. Once he bends his legs and sits on his hind legs, you give him a treat and a click. Repeat this exercise multiple times and your dog would soon learn to sit, however you need to take care of one thing; always give your puppy the treat when he is sitting and never delay the treat. After a couple of times just give him the click treat and refrain from a food treat.

Second trick which you can learn in the junior level is the down command, it is pretty simple to the sit command and you really don’t need to have to do anything other than repeating the same drill as of sit command. Take a treat and slowly move it towards the ground, make sure that the puppy can sniff the treat and once he is completely flat on the ground, with his chest and elbows on the ground, then you can give him a treat. This is how your puppy would learn to stay down when asked; the last exercise of junior level is to put your dog on leash. This is a difficult one in some special cases as few dogs tend to resist a lot when put on a leash first time. However if you follow the instructions clearly, you won’t have to face such a hard time, but for that ensure that you have the Dogo app downloaded from Play Store.

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