Learn simple tips for controlling fleas and ticks on your dogs’ skin and throughout your home.

  • Flea and Tick Control Tips

Learning simple tips for controlling fleas and ticks is an example idea. Not only will you save on pest control chemicals, but you’ll also protect your pets, their resting places, the garden, carpets, carpets and virtually any corner and corner of your home, inside and out.

Forget the expensive veterinary and animal cosmetic services, and bid farewell to aggressive chemical methods, to replace them with simple tips to control fleas and ticks and drive them away forever.

  • How to avoid fleas and ticks

The fur of dogs, cats and other animals is the ideal requiem for numerous insects. There they find shelter from extreme cold and heat, and have an almost inexhaustible source of food, sucking the blood and other tissues of your beloved pets.

The first step in controlling fleas and ticks is the hygiene of your pets. The bath, with warm water, shampoo specially formulated for your animal, and the use of cleaning brushes and gloves suitable for the type of coat, are imperative to avoid the fleas, ticks and other insects present in their body, as well as their larvae , nits or eggs.

“The first step in controlling fleas and ticks is the hygiene of your pets. Bathe them regularly with a natural anti-flea product, or with a specially formulated shampoo for your fur.”

Consult your trusted veterinarian for the most appropriate regularity to bathe your pet without affecting your skin, as well as natural products for it. In doing so, rub the fur from the tail and toward the head (against the grain), making sure that the comb, brush or glove reaches your skin. Avoid areas of the eyes, nose, mouth and ears, as well as the anus and vaginal area. Afterwards, dry your coat perfectly, using warm towels and dryers, never hot.

After bathing, apply an anti-flea product home or purchased at a pet store that respects holistic and natural customs. In periods without a wet bath, use dry shampoo and natural products to control the pests, using the brush no less than once a week, for prevention.

To control fleas and ticks you must clean your entire home, indoors and outdoors, and avoid the contact of your pets with other streets that could be sources of contagion. When walking, choose neat areas and no overgrown pastures or vacant lots where you could get these infections. When you return home, brush your pet first in the direction of the hair and then in the opposite direction, running all over the body, to eliminate any fleas, tick or insect that may have lodged.

  • How to Control Fleas and Ticks at Home

These home anti-flea remedies can also be applied to carpets, carpets, ladders or animal lodges, your feeding area, bedding and also on the lawn. It is essential to clean these areas, eliminating hairs that are released from your pets, not to provide accommodation for animal pests. Sprinkle the products, let them act 30 to 60 minutes, and then vacuum with brushes to eliminate any potential threats.

Another way to control fleas and ticks is to cut and regularly water your lawn, grass or garden. If it is a stone, gravel or other similar, be sure to water regularly to remove dirt, larvae or eggs, and apply natural means of pest control. Be sure to wash with pressure water and / or brushes the corners or areas where insects could hide, so as not to take unnecessary risks.

“To control fleas and ticks you must clean your entire home, and avoid the contact of your pets with other street people who could infect them.”

Always use natural products, safe for pets, people and any warm-blooded animal. Only with a regular toilet and an annual sanitation check will you be able to avoid fleas and ticks from any space in your home, so that you and your pets can live in complete tranquility and health.

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