If you want to learn to take care of your dogs, today I propose something that you will like and you will get free, because with this Android app you can learn to take care of your dogs and train them.

This application is called “Dogs: care and education”. It is a free and very complete app with which you can enjoy all the information you need for the proper care of pets, especially dogs.

The interface of this app “Dogs: care and education” you can see it in the following image. It comes with all kinds of guides and information, such as: how to massage a dog, care of the boxer, labrador, the best-selling dog breeds, how to treat anxiety, etc.

Application to care for dogs on Android

This app is great because you can solve all your doubts and become a professional of pets, especially dogs, because you will have answers to all your questions about the care and education of dogs.

And it is that more and more people are interested in the care and training of dogs. Well, now you can take care of everything with an Android application that puts all this information in a tray. If you want a faithful dog and take care of it as it deserves, you need this app, so you don’t have to sign up for expensive courses or classes.

You can meet all the needs of your pet successfully, because you will be putting yourself in the hands of experts. You will find information on the following sections:

  • Beauty.
  • Training.
  • Care.
  • Feeding.
  • Health.
  • Curiosities.

The app focuses on these 6 pillars. Not only can you care for and educate your dog better, but also train it at zero cost with this fabulous free app for Android.


This app “Dogs: care and education” is one of the best we have found, possibly the best. So much so, that it has a 4.7 note. So if you want to train your dog and take care of it and educate it for real, from the hand of experts, this app is perfect for you. Get it now from Play Store

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