Liberty Pet Insurance in 3 Modes !!

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Liberty Pet Insurance in 3 Modes !!

The insurance for pets is one of the most hired and Liberty has just launched a pet insurance with up to 3 modalities depending on the animal you have.

This is a new Liberty Insurance policy that markets “Liberty Mascots”, an insurance policy for animals or pet insurance to be hired by any type of person who owns a dog or cat in the form of a pet.

From the Liberty Insurance Pet, it is possible to cover the different types of risk of accident or illness to which the pet is exposed, whether it be a cat or a dog. Liberty Pets is divided into 3 Modalities:

-Liberty Small Pets: It reaches the cats and dogs of a maximum of 9 kilos. Being able to cover dog breeds like: Poodle, Fox Terrier, Pekingese, Chihuahua, and so on.

-Liberty Pets Medium: In this case covers dogs between 9 to 15 kilos, whose races are the: Beagle, Dalmatian or French Bulldog.

-Liberty Pets Large: It covers animals that surpass the 15 kilos and to the races of: Golden Retriever, German Shepherd or races like the Doberman.

Basic Coverages: When you see the basic coverages that Liberty Mascots has, it covers the death of the pet either dog or cat by accident since it covers all the expenses in paperwork.

Assistance: In terms of assistance, it provides veterinary assistance due to illness or accident so the pet owner can have the client of a network of qualified specialists.

If the pet is stolen or lost, the insurance will cover the costs of locating the lost animal and the cost of lodging until the owner is effectively located. They also cover the stay in residence for hospitalization of the owner of the pet linked to the care of the pet, the owner is not present for different reasons.

While part of the requirements that are used to contract Liberty Pet insurance, animals must be properly census and identified bearing the number of microchip that was granted. In addition to presenting the animal an ideal health condition and not register damage and physical disability, in addition to being property of the Insured who signs the policy having ages between 3 months and 9 years of life minimum and maximum.

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