Meme Dog Coin : ShibainFinity – the first metaverse of dogs in the ecosystem of Solana!

samerLast Update : Friday 6 May 2022 - 12:44 PM
Meme Dog Coin : ShibainFinity – the first metaverse of dogs in the ecosystem of Solana!

Infinite Shiba successfully generated unique 10 000 Nft Shiba before the launch of its MetaVerse museum. These exclusive shiba NFTs will only be sold to our headholders of native tokens (Token Shinu).

ShibainFinitymetaverse will contain a museum where our NFT headlines can show their NFT at the museum as virtual arts. This will serve as the first virtual museum of dogs in the metaverse, since viewers will have to pay a certain amount to see the NFT arts of Shiba, which in turn will increase the NFT rating over time. Each NFT in our MetaVerso Museum has a specific location and surroundings.

ShibainFinity has already presented version 1 of the museum. Given the level of commitment of our developers, the museum will be fully operational before the first quarter of 2022 ends. Shibainfinity developers will transform the physical experience of the museum into a digital, which will allow users to visit them virtually online. In the same way, the initial interactive development created by the developers of ShibainFinity offers an immersive experience similar to that of a 3D club, providing users with the ability to have extensive experience in dog metavers.

Use case ShibainFinitiy NFT

Party-to-Gain: All our owners of Shiba Dog Nft will have free access to all our events and will earn unique prizes and participation awards.

OPPORTUNITY OF THE OWNER: We will give you access to the concerts, festivals and deprived parties of more interactive virtual dogs in the world.

NFT Awards: members with the most Shibainu NFT will receive monthly rewards.

Entertainment ecosystem: Festivals around the world, live concerts, disco and exhibition parties, all in one place: ShibainfinityMetaverse.

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