Merge Plane – Click & Idle Tycoon – Apps on (Google Play & App Store)

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Merge Plane – Click & Idle Tycoon – Apps on (Google Play & App Store)

Merge Planes: from the name it sounds like an outlandish game, however it is nothing what its name suggests.

It is perhaps the only mainstream game with a misleading title, however still the number of downloads is more than ten million, so obviously there is something about this particular game, which makes it so popular special. So, as the name suggests it is about aviation and airplanes, anyone who is interested in aviation, should try this game, you won’t be disappointed. Just hover on to Play Store and download Merge Planes, you will instantly fall in love with the idea and game itself.

Now the question is that how this game is unique in terms of game play and other stuff, what makes it so special and what are its standout features. Well, initially it offers a lot, you’ve got zooming planes, and the idea is to build your own airline empire. Sounds tempting isn’t it, well if you’ve got time and want to learn a thing or two about business, Merge Planes is surely worth a try.

You won’t even have heard of such a game even in PC or console hemispheres, but here is your chance to become the owner of your own airline empire. The idea in itself is pretty groundbreaking and that is perhaps the reason behind the wild success of this awesome game, all over the globe people are simply going bananas over Merge Planes. People are challenging their friends and peers and everyone seems to have a nice time. So if you want to join the part as well, here is what you need to do. Go to Play Store and download Merge Planes, and start building your own airline empire.

Merge Planes lets you unlock new planes with experience and that is the real challenge, you get experience points after you complete a challenge or a task, and just like the name suggests you can actually merge two planes and build a new one, it sounds ridiculous and crazy but trust us, once you get to know, how this happens, you too would be amused and impressed. Now lets get to the main thing, how do you get Merge Planes on your phone, well it is super simple like every other thing is in Merge Planes, you go to Play Store and search for Merge Planes, after you find it you download it and start building your aviation empire.

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