Microsoft creates an app that finds out your dog’s breed with just a photo – Download

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Microsoft creates an app that finds out your dog’s breed with just a photo – Download

The boys from Satya Nadella’s company lab, Microsoft Garage, are still fiddling with image recognition.

After launching tools such as How Old (to guess the age through a photo) or TwinsOrNot (to compare two images of two people and establish their degree of similarity), they have now created an application that is able to identify the breed of a dog alone With a picture of him.

The technology is available through two channels, a website called or an iPhone app called Fetch !. The latter allows you to upload images of our pet from the gallery of our smartphone or through your camera. Once the snapshot has been processed, it searches for the appropriate breed and offers us information about it.

“There was an interest in creating a framework that would allow taking a domain – in this case, dogs – and recognizing different classes, such as breeds. We were interested in developing an app that would make the recognition of objects extraordinary, fun and surprising, ”says Mitch Goldberg, director of development at Microsoft Research and in charge of the Cambridge team that developed the product. “We wanted to bring artificial intelligence to the canine world. We wanted to show that the recognition of objects is something that anyone can understand and with what they can interact, ”he adds.

The app uses machine learning or machine learning. That is, it works better and provides more accurate results as more is used and more photos processed.

The tool not only allows us to upload photos of our dog, but also our own or friends’ selfies. This functionality, created just for a laugh, tells us which breed we have the most physical resemblance to.

“This is the kind of app that you will open when you are with your friends. You will have fun comparing what kind of dog you resemble and posting the results, ”explains the description of Fetch ! Download

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