Mimpi Dreams is a highly addictive platform game – Download

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Mimpi Dreams is a highly addictive platform game  – Download

Mimpi is a small white dog that is characterized by not being very active. He is so lazy, that he mostly spends his nights sleeping. And the reason for that is that in his dreams he becomes an adventurous puppy that tries to save his friends.

When you download Mimpi Dreams for PC, you will have to enter into the dreams of this dog and help him in his new adventure while he sleeps. In the style of platform games, you will have to go through a variety of scenarios, set in different ecological systems full of traps, obstacles and much more.

To get through all these elements, you will have to use your mental ability and solve the different types of puzzles that will be displayed. As you progress, these will become much more complicated and highly entertaining.

Besides allowing you to play with the help of your keyboard and mouse, Mimpi Dreams also supports controls, which means that you can connect one to your computer to have an experience more similar to that of the consoles.

Help Mimpi in his crazy dreams of being an adventurer

Despite being a world created from his dreams, Mimpi perhaps has exaggerated a bit with the dangers. This will lead you to have to go through dangerous obstacles that can put your life at risk, of course it will be inside your mind. If you fail, you can simply try again, since the little dog will not get hurt.

A very addictive gameplay, it will not be the only thing you will get when downloading Mimpi Dreams for PC. Accompanied by it, there are also excellent ambient sounds that will increase your concentration while you try to solve the difficult puzzles that will be shown.

Download Mimpi Dreams for PC

  1. Use the following link to access the location of the game within the Steam web portal
  2. Click on the “Add to cart” option and then make the payment to acquire the game
  3. When the transaction is carried out successfully, you can start downloading the game and then start enjoying this entertaining title.
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