The company put up for sale a new skin called Gunner with a dog that was the same sold a while ago but with another color, so he has had to apologize.

Epic Games launched a pet skin called Gunner in the Fortnite store just hours ago. Its price, of 1000 PaVos, allowed players to carry a friendly dog ​​behind their backs thanks to the backpacks worn by battle royale characters. However, Gunner has been short-lived in the store. Fans have been angry to see that it was the same skin a few months ago, Bonesy, sold as new and that his day was included in the Battle Pass.

Fortnite fans are barking
The complaints of fans have been many. Epic Games has defended, again and again, that the skins of the Battle Passes are exclusive, unique, and never put up for sale. However, seeing the great resemblance between both dogs many have put their hands to the head. While both pets are somewhat different, the design is exactly the same with a couple of very poor and vague aesthetic variations. For example, Gunner has a more yellow coat and wears a handkerchief with a drawing, as well as enjoys blue eyes.

To this we must add the high cost of the dog, which was much less than that of the Battle Pass, which once cost about 10 euros and brought more content than a simple skin. Faced with the controversy and the subsequent media storm, Epic Games has lost forgiveness, has withdrawn Gunner from the store and has announced a refund for all those who want it, offering 200 PaVos compensation, as well as a special redemption token for those affected .

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