My Exercise, the peculiar game in which a chubby child tries to get fit accompanied by his dog!

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My Exercise, the peculiar game in which a chubby child tries to get fit accompanied by his dog!

If you read appliant you will often know that we have some weakness for independent and a little eccentric mobile games. This is the reason why we have talked about Titles as crazy as Getting Over It, Smashing Zoo, Marginalia Hero, Mitoza or Vetticow, among others.

Today we bring you another rarity of the application store. The Mobile Game in question is called My Exercise and is about a kid that has plenty of kille that has been proposed to have a good Sixpack or at least lose a little weight.

For this, he will make abdominals to infinity and beyond, while the faithful perception of him, freshly bathed, holds his legs.

However, the child and the best friend of him will not be alone. The more you exercise the boy more characters Iran appearing on the screen.

These human and non-human ‘guests’ are those who really give a vidilla to My Exercise. Everyone will take a paper and do different things, waking up more than one smile. Surrealism will reign around you, but you do not stop making abdominals.

Those things from Japan

The game has counted on the author of Animation author Atsushi Wada and has received several recognitions. It has been created in collaboration with the Nipón Ryoya Unerns independent developer and the study team playables.

Although it seems apparently that My Exercise is a game with appearance and simple design and, therefore, do not go to weigh too much, the reality is that you will have to have 91 MB free on your Android device and up to 365 MB on your iPhone.

Download My Exercise from Google Play will cost you 2.69 euros and if you do it in the App Store you will come out for 3.49 euros.

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