My Talking Pet : Download This app to double your pet that triumphs among celebrities!

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My Talking Pet : Download This app to double your pet that triumphs among celebrities!

If there are some great beneficiaries of the coronavirus crisis, those are being the pets. From spending many hours alone at home and waiting for us to dedicate them for a while or take them out for a walk, suddenly, being confined we spend 24 hours with them or in the case of dogs we are wanting to take them out so they can give us some air .

What do you think your furry ones would tell you right now if they could talk? Thanks to an app called My Talking Pet you can give them a voice. Well more or less. What this tool does is use an image of your best friend and give it life and vocal chords.

The operation of My Talking Pet is very simple. You upload a photo or a video of your dog, cat, ferret, rabbit or the pet you have at home and you get closer to the phone’s microphone to record the message you want. You can make the speech more or less accelerated and make it sound more serious or acute. The key is to indicate where exactly the eyes, mouth and chin of the animal are for the magic to take place. The app ‘animates’ the image and simulates that your kitty, dog or whatever bug you can think of is a chatterbox.

In addition, you can customize the image and make your best friend more handsome with some accessories, such as hats, glasses or necklaces. You can also add text to your videos to make your own memes or virals. The resulting videos can be shared on platforms like Instagram or WhatsApp.

Hollywood uses it with its hairy

The app is becoming quite popular with many celebrities in the US, who upload the results to their social media profiles. Cara Delevingne or Jennifer Aniston would be the last celebrities to double their pets, but there are many more, such as Halley Berry or Ellen Degeneres.

My Talking Pet has become number one in the Entertainment category in many territories, such as the US and the UK. The application for now has not become very popular in Spain, but it will be a matter of time. If our celebrities follow the path of the Anglo-Saxons, it will soon go viral in our country.

“The key to My Talking Pet’s success is its simplicity and usability. We are delighted to see that the app continues to bring fun and escapism to people’s lives, especially in these very difficult times,” said Iain Baird, co-creator of My Talking Pet and CEO of ShareMob, in a press release. developer company.

My Talking Pet is available on Google Play and the App Store for free and is not exactly a new app. In fact, he is already 5 years old, although it is now that his fame is higher than ever.- Download from here

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