New Digimon game for Android: an RPG that falls short – DOWNLOAD

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New Digimon game for Android: an RPG that falls short – DOWNLOAD

The acclaimed Digimon franchise joins Android games, but not in the way we expected. Digimon Links can now be downloaded to your mobile.

Many of us have grown up with the most beloved digital monsters: the Digimon. They land on Android with Digimon Links, their new game.

It is more than possible that many of you have grown up with some typical series of your childhood. And surely many others (and me too) get drunk with the adventures of the Digimon, virtual monsters and their dear companions. Well, they have come to Android with a game, but not in the most suitable way.

The game that celebrates its 20th anniversary is called Digimon Links, and aims to embark on a new adventure with these iconic digital monsters. But if you’ve been attentive to The Free Android, you’ll remember the case of Final Fantasy XV. And I’m sorry to tell you that the feeling is similar.

Digimon Links: an adaptation to modern games

To put you in the background, I will explain one thing. I am a fairly usual player of the Kingdom Hearts adaptation for Android, the Union X Cross. What the Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts and Digimon Links share is that they follow the same game pattern: title with freemium of farmeo character and progressive advance. Not much more.

We have a light plot that lays the foundations of Digimon Links. In a world in which we can access by registering to the Digital World of the series, a pleasant assistant named Hina will guide us so we can get into it. There we can get our first Digimon, and form a village. But of course there are problems, and that is that the digital world is fragmenting. So you must find out what is happening.

So far, all good. At least on paper. The thing is that if we gradually look at the fundamental aspects of the game, it is still a classic game of generating resources, empowering your assets and feeding your creatures. That is, they have adapted Digimon to the typical Android. And although it is not dramatic, it is still disappointing, being a franchise as dear and big as Digimon is.

For the rest, we have a very complicated interface, and with the aggravation of being only in English (we already know what Capcom is like). It is a detail that worsens if we consider that we have many tasks to do, so you may be saturated at the beginning.

Not everything is lost in the Digital World

Not everything was going to be bad, of course. To begin, removing the aspects in which the graphic section does not rebound, we have battles for very busy turns and with very well done 3D graphics. The combat system is simple and very colorful, as well as being entertaining. Although this implies that for the game to go smoothly, you will need a mid-high-end device.

Digimon lands on Android, although not as we would like: this is Digimon Links

The game is really entertaining if you like this type of mechanics. You can have many Digimones, do missions and events, and build buildings. You can have an entire empire based on one of the best animated series of the old days. Nostalgia can, and this game knows how to take advantage of it.

For the rest, we have payments in the app and two types of «currencies»: one for free and one for payment with which to advance further in the game. After the tutorial you can (finally) download the game, and therefore we strongly recommend that you use a Wi-Fi connection and have some patience. Try it if you are a true fan of the saga, and test your Digimons ‘coach’ skills.

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