Norman is not one of the characters in the Muppets, though he could certainly go through one without a problem. But yes, its great size and dexterity when riding a bicycle make it very different from other dogs.

Yes, you read well. Ride a bike. It’s not a circus dog or using a utility bike. This real dog can pedal, advance and direct his special bike like a human.

I’m sure your coach will have had a hard time teaching you but it’s really worth not to miss this video, not every day you can see a dog riding a bike.

In addition, the author of the video takes advantage of the popularity of Norman to invite people to adopt mascots and not buy them, to end once and for all with dog breeding that in most cases, are just factories where poor little animals live in deplorable conditions.

To learn more about Norman’s message and see him do other tricks, such as using a scooter, you can visit his official site.

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