When is the time when a game ceases to be any title to become a phenomenon? When do millions of people download it? Maybe when developers open new offices and go to the mayor of Barcelona? Or maybe when it comes out on television commercials? Honestly, when I told you about Candy Crush Saga earlier this year, I didn’t expect that almost nine months later it would become such an absurdly popular title.

In fact it is a game that with its various versions has made its creators, King.com are on everyone’s lips, and therefore it is normal that when they launch a new creation everyone is expectant. Will it be as addictive as the previous one, or have they lost “the touch”?

The game in question is Pet Rescue Saga, and it is clear that it bases its foundations on Candy Crush Saga (CCS), starting with the fact that it is a puzzle game based on gathering colored pieces. However, if CCS was focused on getting points and eliminating candy of the same color at terminal speeds, Pet Rescue Saga adds its own elements that make it something different.

The objective of the game is to gather the blocks of the same color that are on the screen. As usually happens, the simpler the explanation is the more complicated it really is, since there are certain elements that make things difficult. The most basic thing is that if we do not choose wisely which blocks to eliminate and in what order to do so, we can keep solitary blocks that we cannot clean.

The screens also evolve, with obstacles arranged in such a way that we will have to think twice before pressing, although the temptation is very high. We will also have tools such as a “chupinazo” with which we can eliminate entire columns, or a peak that will allow us to remove blocks that bother us in our plan. An element that adds more variety is the need at some levels to free pets that are at the top. For this we have to eliminate blocks making sure that in the end the animals reach the lowest part of the level.

It’s hard to look at Pet Rescue Saga and not see a success comparable to Candy Crush Saga. After all, it is the same but with adorable puppies and kittens. However, even if this is good now, sooner or later it will not be enough, fashion will end and it will be then when we ask ourselves if King.com goes beyond a timely success. It will be very interesting to see the evolution of a company that is currently on the crest of the wave demonstrating that “mobile games” are a good business opportunity. Google Play

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