Petchatz : Dogs video calls !!

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Petchatz :  Dogs video calls !!

When you have a pet, regardless of whether you are a dog person or a cat person, you want to spend the most time with them.

They are your family, they are your happiness, you could not imagine life away. Except when you have to leave and you have no choice. We know you would rather be lying in an armchair with your pussy or your puppy on top, but there are times when life is unfair. And if you miss them, imagine them.

The Anser Innovation company has apparently found a solution that could, according to its creators, radically reduce the separation anxiety that our pets suffer when we have to leave them alone. This gadget is called Petchatz and to be completely honest, we don’t know whether to catalog it as a pet gadget, for us or for both; the truth is that it involves a learning process for both your pet and you.

Basically, it is a device with which you can see, talk and interact with your pet in a simple way. But this device also promises the possibility of giving prizes to our best friends with the press of a button.

It connects directly to the wireless network of your home and all you have to do is enter the application, press the call button, and the device will start ringing, once your pet “answers the call”, he can see you and listen to you through its integrated screen and microphone; This way you can greet your dog / cat, making him feel that he is not alone.

However, it is designed to be more than just a device for video calling: through the app, you can press the award button, at that time petchatz will release one for your pet; It can also release a relaxing aroma to make them more calm and has a noise and movement sensor, which is activated to indicate that your pet is hovering nearby.

But apparently the company did not stop there, it has also created a pet button, which would have the main function of getting your pet to call you, just by pressing it. This would be a bit of training, but the creators indicate that when your pet is used to the “ringtones”, the process will be very easy. It has a cost of 380 dollars (about 8 thousand pesos) and the “button” costs 99 dollars (about 2 thousand pesos more) and is already on sale.

In my opinion, any device that allows us to “feel” closer to our pets would deserve a chance, although I would not necessarily see it practical, dealing with cats, since as we all know, dogs obey directions and cats … only take the message and then decide if they want maybe and just maybe, pay attention to us.

The truth is that the company has thought of several fun functions, that if we take the time to train with our pets and apply them, it is very likely to help you communicate with them. Also, after all it would be a great toy for your little animals, because one anyway, but … and the creatures?

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