Pluv – Your Pet Your World a comprehensive app for your pet !!

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Pluv – Your Pet Your World a comprehensive app for your pet !!

It distinguishes itself by offering an identification and geolocation code to not lose your animal and meet other owners. In addition, it allows you to exchange experiences, care tips and alerts about lost pets.

First requirement: have a pet. If this is your case and you want to socialize with other animal owners or quickly and dynamically access comprehensive services for your partner, then PLUV can be a great tool for you.

Objective of the project

The main objective of the project was to create a social network and a pet information center in a mobile application that works for Android and iOS.

The fundamental piece of the business model was to bring together users who provide services (such as veterinarians, dog walkers and health centers) with users who own pets. And additionally unite users with common interests.

This new application for smartphones tries to build a social community among pet owners. What differentiates it from other applications is that it offers a smart spindle to identify and geolocate your pet. This service is 100% free: you download the application, you will remove the PLUV spire at one of the points attached and identify your pet using a QR code (unique to each spire). In this way, you will be able to associate it with your pet’s profile in the mobile application.

This service also allows you to meet other owners and interact with those closest to you, for example. In addition, it intends to be a community of mascoteros to exchange experiences, care advice, emergency services and useful data, private chat for users, and alerts about lost pets and pets for adoption (the app has an option for rescuers and shelters promote the pets they have for adoption).

Strategy & Solution

Before starting to create the application there were many meetings to establish the business model with a long-term strategy.

Then the application structure (designed on paper) was defined, and usability with potential users was validated.

The application allows users to load pets and assign a spire, which can be geolocated in the event that the pet is lost.

Once the potential users and the client approved the proposal we have started the creation of the PLUV mobile application. This took 5 months and 9 stages of development.

The structure is uploaded to Heroku. Until the day the application never had a fall.

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