Pokémon Rumble Rush: now available on Google Play – Download

samerLast Update : Wednesday 9 October 2019 - 8:35 PM
Pokémon Rumble Rush: now available on Google Play – Download

You can now download and play the new Pokémon Rumble Rush on your Android phone easily and for free. Download the APK now.

A few hours ago Nintendo announced the availability of its new Pokémon game for Android phones and iOS devices, Pokémon Rumble Rush. As usually happens in these cases, the geographical limitation prevents anyone from installing it and, initially, only users living in Australia can try it.

Update 05/22: Now officially available on Google Play

If you are interested in this fantastic Pokémon game, we have good news. The Pokémon Company has finished the deployment of Pokémon rumble Rush, which is already available on Google Play in our country.

If you still can’t download it on Google Play and want to try it, you can download the file and install it as a normal APK.

A classic story

To start playing we have to track the area where we are pressed on the screen. When we find a Pokémon we can go down (go in hot air balloon) and try to hunt them. Collecting the more Pokémon the better is part of the game, of course, as well as making them stronger.

When we have the necessary Pokémon we can face the various bosses that appear.

One of the things that has attracted the most attention of this game is how simple its control is. Beyond the menu interface, which is expected in such a game, we can perform the actions with one hand.

When we are in combat our Pokémon will move only to the nearest enemy and we can make that attack by pressing on the screen. If we leave the finger pressed for a while the attack will be stronger and if we slide in one direction the Pokémon will attack while it moves.

These three movements are the base of the game although we can change Pokémon in the middle of battle by pressing the button in the lower left corner.

Graphics with a known aesthetic

The game has some options outside the combat zone, such as being able to send our Pokémon in exchange for items, collect gems, coins and more things that in the future we can use in the store. We say in the future because this button, the one in the store, is the only one that has not worked for us at the moment.

Surely when Pokémon Rumble Rush arrives officially to our countries we can make use of the elements we have achieved.

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