potty training for puppies tips

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potty training for puppies tips

House training a puppy is all about positive reinforcements and patience; it usually takes four to six months before the puppy is ready for house.

Some puppies may take less time but at the end of the day it all boils down to your training, the better you train your puppy, earlier it learns. Here are a few tips jotted down for you, which you could use to speedily potty train your puppy.

  • Stay calm and composed

Unlike other chores this is one where dog owners need to calm themselves, it might seem a daunting task for the first timers, but it is not since puppies themselves are fast learners and this is one thing which they are most eager to learn. Poop training is all about consistency and patience, if you have these virtues this task would not haunt you at all. Another problem is that if you are not composed and calm yourself you won’t be able to teach your puppy.

  • Schedule helps

A proper schedule could do wonders during the potty training, take your puppy outside first thing in the morning, and after his meals this would help him understand the purpose of going outside. Moreover if you happen to have the mother dog around, half your job is done as the puppies would themselves learn by watching their mother. However if this is not the case then you must take the initiatives yourself and help them learn. Take them outside after every hour and especially after naps. Once the dog is done treat him with a reward, or take him for a walk, this would encourage him and would help him learn faster.

  • Stay with your puppy

Remember that young puppies are anxious and they easily get scared, therefore don’t leave them alone outside; always stay with them during the entire process. Dog usually start circling, sniffing or barking if they feel the need of elimination, hence keeps these signs in mind.

  • Same spot

Always take them to the same spot, as they would be compelled by their smell and would like to return again. This is one of the most vital tricks which you could utilize during the potty training. Moreover during early days if you change the spot regularly the puppy would be left confused and instead of eliminating, he would simply start circling, therefore regular change of spot is not encouraged during the potty training.

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