Prevent your hairy from getting lost with this pet GPS

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Prevent your hairy from getting lost with this pet GPS

One of the biggest fears that pet holders suffer is that our dog or cat goes astray. Without a doubt, that would be the worst nightmare we could live.

This is why many of us hang a small plaque on its collar that allows it to be identified if it moves away from home by being scared of some noise or being attracted to a smell.

The plaque has been an alternative that has worked for many who, distressed, receive the call of an angel who found their dog or cat. But others have not had the same fate.

Remember that when our pets move away from home, they face sounds, cars and in general a new environment that can baffle them. As a result, they become aggressive, or run terrified, which makes it difficult for someone with a good heart to approach to read the information on their license plate.

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Therefore, a pet tracking device known as GPS Tractive has been developed, which allows us to locate our dog or cat in record time in case it goes astray.

How does GPS for pets work?

The Tractive GPS is a pet tracking system that is placed on the dog or cat collar. This pet GPS is linked to an App available for iOS, Android or via the web and shows the location of your pet.

In addition, a security zone can be created, and if your pet is outside that limit, a notification will be sent to your cell phone.

It has coverage in more than 80 countries, is waterproof and has a battery life of between 2 to 5 days, which recharges completely in 2 hours.

Is the GPS for pets equal to the microchip?

The microchip is a small device that is implanted under the pet’s skin. Each microchip has a unique number that houses information about the dog or cat and its fork.

In case of loss, the device number is reported on a website that notifies veterinarians, the zoonosis center and other establishments that the pet has been lost and thus is easier to identify.

Contrary to GPS, the microchip does not locate pets, nor does it give information about their whereabouts, so the two technological devices have different functions.

Other uses

Users of this pet GPS have attributed other uses to the device:

Many of them verify that the walker of their dogs take a suitable tour for their furry, as some simply sit or walk very short distances.

Others check that the buses of the school of their pets comply with the agreement and leave them both at the door of their house and at the door of the nursery.

So you already know: an identification badge can prevent your hairy from getting lost, but this task can be much simpler and more effective with a pet GPS, which will show you the location of your dog or cat in real time.

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