PUBG MOBILE is coming to Play Station (PS4) !!

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PUBG MOBILE is coming to Play Station (PS4) !!

Now this is breaking news, PUBG MOBILE is coming to Play Station, to all those folks who were questioning the hype of this awesome game, here is the answer.

It was not a false hype, good people at Play Station have finally taken notice of PUBG MOBILE and have made an official announcement that the mobile game would get a console release too. This is one of the many remarkable achievements unlocked by PUBG MOBILE, however to gamers, this came as a no surprise as many people knew that this was just around the corner.

PUBG MOBILE can be downloaded from Play Store and since it is absolutely free of cost therefore it has received an overwhelming more than seven and a half million reviews, which in itself is a jaw dropping feat. People all across the globe are literally addicted to the game and many big names are collaborating with PUBG MOBILE. Recently the iconic Japanese Brand BAPE collaborated with PUBG MOBILE and introduced new costumes in the game. This is perhaps the first time that a fashion brand is collaborating with a mobile game, truly symbolizing the wild success of PUBG MOBILE.

If you still haven’t downloaded PUBG MOBILE, honestly we don’t know what you are waiting for, this is one of those era-defining games, that has opened new gateways for mobile games. Now since it would also be available on Play Station, hence the euphoria is not going to die any time sooner. So what are you waiting for, just hover onto Play Store and download PUBG MOBILE.

People have been addicted to this game, and a ton of YouTube videos have been made on it, everyone is trying to capitalize on its wild success. However the game has achieved such a popularity, which was previously un heard of, in case of mobile games. The anticipation is so humongous that even the creators of the game are surprised. The entire experience of the game is identical of any topnotch PC or console game, and since the announcement of a Play Station release, the rumor mill is on the work. People are coming up with all sorts of crazy predictions, however one thing is for sure that the Play Station release of PUBG MOBILE will surely be a breather for Play Station. If you want to download the best game ever made for mobile, please go to the Play Store and download PUBG MOBILE, and check out for yourself.

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