“PUBG Mobile” presents its Lite version for devices with 2GB of RAM and we tell you how to Download it in ARAB WORLD !!

samerLast Update : Sunday 31 March 2019 - 5:04 PM
“PUBG Mobile” presents its Lite version for devices with 2GB of RAM and we tell you how to Download it in ARAB WORLD !!

A year ago everyone talked about Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds as one of the most important games of the moment, unfortunately appeared ‘Fortnite’ with its Battle Royale mode and looks changed. It was when Tencent Games launched ‘PUBG Mobile’ as an answer for those who did not have a PC or an Xbox to enjoy the title, yesterday ‘Fortnite’ for Android was presented and the response was immediate.

The novelty of the day is ‘PUBG Mobile Lite’, a title that seeks to offer the same experience of the mobile game, but with equipment with more discrete specifications. To be more exact, the Lite version of the game requires that the devices have at least 2 GB of RAM and Android 4.3. The installer does not exceed 40 megabytes, but then you will have to make a larger download.

More action, less people

There are some important changes that are worth mentioning, the games will not be 100 players, here we will only have 40 competitors to see which is the strongest rival. To compensate for this situation, the size of the map is also reduced to a space of 2 x 2 kilometers, so the adjustment is gradual, but it will be noticeable that we will have more action from the beginning.

Beyond that the format is the same, all the original weapons were respected, the graphic engine that uses is the Unreal Engine 4, so in the visual section they are also positive results, while the audio achieves quality in high definition. You can play with friends and offer the option of voice chat for better coordination.

How to download it in ARAB WORLD

Unfortunately the game only appeared in the Philippines as a beta release, we do not doubt that a few weeks later it will have its official launch around the world. Unlike other games, downloading your APK file is not a solution, since it does not allow you to download the entire game, what you have to do is find the file that already includes the entire game.

We decided to download the file directly from APKPure, but the file is an XAPK, so we will need the application of the store to be able to perform the installation. Remember that downloading this type of files is the responsibility of each user.

When we download the game and the store application we will only have to go to the “Manage APK / XAPK” tab and press install in the game. When you open the game you will ask us to give you access to the storage of the device and restart the application so that you can start correctly.

When you start the game you will ask us to enter with our Facebook account, Google Play or directly as a guest. It is important to mention that all texts are in Spanish, so we will not have a problem.

Unfortunately when we made the publication the game servers did not work in the best way and we could not enter the main menu. It’s nothing new, we had already had the first ‘PUBG Mobile’ and all we needed was to wait a few hours.

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