Puppod Rocker : an interactive toy for dogs, full of technology

samerLast Update : Friday 6 May 2022 - 12:44 PM
Puppod Rocker : an interactive toy for dogs, full of technology

Over time we have been seeing how dog toys have evolved, integrating with applications and helping their owners know their routines better. Today I will talk about a new invention in this regard.

This is Puppod Rocker, a device that ensures mentally stimulating our colleagues while entertaining them.

The toy is complicating the interactive activity as the dog becomes smarter, and its operation is very simple: if it is touched at the right time, rewards are gained (food).

What he does is give him “puzzles”, offer rewards and increase the difficulty, and all remotely, since it can be controlled with a mobile application.

The invention consists of a device that emits a sound or signal when you need to be touched. If the dog touches it, another device expels food, all controlled from the mobile. The signals can be sounds or lights and the puzzle can be executed according to a pattern or be random to increase the difficulty.

We can configure several types of sound, even that of the doorbell, so that they associate it with reward, ideal for those who stress a lot when they listen to the real timbre.

It is even possible to help the dog put on shape, transforming food time into an activity. We can create a physical distance between the toy and the feeder so that the dog moves, or try to place the toy and the feeder at the opposite ends of a ladder so that the dog has to move if he wants to eat.

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