Puppy Behavior Tips

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Puppy Behavior Tips

Bringing home a cute puppy is one of the most joyous feelings, in the beginning you would not want to leave his/her side even for a second.

First few weeks are always the most precious as you are bonding with your puppy and so is he; however you must start his training as soon as possible. It is not an easy task to train a small puppy but on the contrary it is not that daunting too, here are few simple puppy behavior tips which could help you train your puppy from day one.

Start from day one

Remember that house training begins from puppy’s homecoming day; a common mistake is this regard is that few owners tend to conceive house training as a burden for the young puppy, however the reality is pretty opposite to it. If you are looking forward to raise an obedient puppy then it is necessary to start from day one.


If you are bringing a young puppy, it is important to name him at earliest, as name is the first emotional connection you are going to establish with your puppy. Common pitfalls in this regard are choosing the name which we love, however this practice is not encouraged as an ideal puppy name would be short and should end with a strong consonant. Once you have named your puppy, you must always call him with respect using his name. Dogs easily adapt and thus even if you are bringing home a grownup dog, you could change his name too, it will take some time but eventually you would be successful.

Responding to name

Next step in puppy behavior tips is to teach you puppy to respond to his name, this is the most crucial step as the entire training heavily depends on this step. Remember your alpha status would only be reinforced once your puppy starts to respond to his name. Call him by his name and when he responds use positive gestures to encourage his behavior, once he starts responding you, try calling him when he is busy.

Discourage from nipping and biting

Discourage your puppy when he bites you, don’t scold him but instead pretend that you are in great pain and this would hopefully stop him from doing so in the future. However if he still continues with nipping then as a last resort simply ignore him, this would make him realize his mistake and he would permanently stop.

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