Real-time camera effects on a tube with Cool Camera !!

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Real-time camera effects on a tube with Cool Camera !!

Now who has a smartphone has a camera, and more with the latest models that increasingly make the photos with better quality. To get the most out of that camera what better than an application with which to apply some effects or corrections.

In EAL we have commented a whole series of app’s for these needs, such as these type of lomography, or a whole series of the so-called Instagram killers: MyTubo, Streamzoo or Lightbox among others. Cool camera focuses more on a local use, offering not only this type of filters, but other somewhat more … fun, so to speak.

Cool camera

With this simple application we will be able to apply a whole series of effects to our photographs in the purest “cartoon” style, of those that deform our faces and cause a display of uncontrolled laughter. But we can also apply other effects such as modifying contrast, pencil type, mirror effect …

The main screen consists of 2 sidebars where we find the different options and basic settings to take the picture. Although from the central image we can access certain functionalities such as going through several filters if we press and hold on the image, double click to hide the menu bars or use the multitouch to zoom. The options are several and all of them are in real time, which allows us to see how the photo will look before taking it. In total it has more than 20 different filters between facial effects, image, colors, etc.

Within the general options, say that there are not too many: we can select the shutter sound, activate the auto-focus … but the most prominent are to be able to save the photos in the same folder where the phone saves them by default or in a apart in order to have them well organized, or the possibility of modifying the size of the image.

At this last point, as in many other applications of this type, we must be careful, since depending on the phone we are using can cause us an FC if we put a very large size.

It has given me the odd FC being in normal quality and using a Galaxy Nexus, obviously with ICS, and I think that may be the problem, which is not yet properly adapted. So you know, if you have 2.2 onwards you can try it and tell us your impressions.


  • Adjustable filter parameters
  • Pick images from gallery for applying multiple effects
  • Use Front-face camera in android 2.3 and up.
  • Multi-touch zoom and auto-focus if supported
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