Rise of Civilizations – APK Download Via Lilith Games – (Android/IOS) !!

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Rise of Civilizations – APK Download Via Lilith Games – (Android/IOS) !!

You’ve probably heard of Rise of Civilizations by now and if you haven’t, honestly where have you been all this time. This awesome game is one of those few games, which re-wrote the gaming legacy and redefined the way how we see mobile games.

It is a real-time strategy game, where you play with real players all across the globe, you get a chance to build your own city and set own rules, now its not that simple as it may sound. As you often get attacked by people, so what you do when you get attacked, well you save your city from these conquerors.

At the end of the day Rise of Civilizations is all about saving your city and conquering other cities, now this is the real challenge and hence in order to save your city, you need to have an army. So while you are building your city, you also need to build an army, this army would help you protect your city against the intruders. Now you must be lightening quick while you are at it as you never really know when you might get attacked. So before your are attacked your should have an army ready, now an army is made of multiple units, so you train new units and once they are battle ready, you launch them in real battle.

While you are building your army, you should also pay special attention to your city defense, as that serves as your first line of defense against any intruder. Save your city at any cost because you cannot build an army without a city, now usually what happens is that when you are attacking another city, your own city gets attacked, therefore one must not exhaust his resources on army alone. Strengthen your city defense as a safe city means a well raised army.

People all across the globe are going gaga over the awesome graphics of Rise of Civilizations, however the thing is that it is a perfect marriage of graphics and game play, that has turned Rise of Civilizations into a success. So what are you thinking, just go to Play Store and download Rise of Civilizations, if you are interested in real-time strategy games, then you would love it from the beginning, and even if you’re not into RTS games, once you start it you would fall in love with it, so just give it a shot.

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