Shoot The Nostalgia: Download Dog Hunt Duck for Android

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Shoot The Nostalgia: Download Dog Hunt Duck for Android

Do you remember all the courage you had when you shot at the television and, since you didn’t hit even a duck, a dog came out and made fun of you? Well now you can shoot straight to nostalgia with the version of Duck Hunt for Android.

All Android users can now download the update to this video game, called Duck Hunt Remake, in which you don’t need a gun, because your fingers will be your best weapon to prevent the dog from making fun of you.

This new version is the same as the classic shooting video game that since 1984 children could enjoy on their Nintendo NES consoles.

In the version of Duck Hunt for Android, the graphics have evolved to give us more game quality, but without losing the 8-bit nostalgia.

The rules are the same: you have three shots for each duck, if you hit 6 out of 10 ducks you go to the next level, but don’t trust them, they are just as cursed.

Another difference in Duck Hunt for Android is that only one duck appears on the screen at a time and there are several colors: black, brown or purple and each one has a different value.

A curiosity that you will love is that as you advance in the game, you can see the passage of time becoming day and night.

Take advantage of the free Wi-Fi in the Metro to play Duck Hunt Remake and challenge other players online. Let’s see which duck comes out more feathers.

For now, the video game is only available for Android users from version 2.3 onwards.

If you want to download Duck Hunt for Android, you can do it here.

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