Skype – free IM & video calls – Download APK – (Android)

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Skype – free IM & video calls – Download APK – (Android)

Skype is not an ordinary run of the mill mobile application, it is one of those apps that have literally revolutionized the way we see world.

Before Skype it was really difficult to have video chat with your loved ones, however things changed with the launch of Skype, today everyone around us uses Skype, some people use it for personal purposes while other use Skype for business talks. A lot has been said and written about this amazing application, however here are a few things which you might not know about Skype. Moreover it is absolutely free of cost and you can download it from Play Store.

Skype is no longer an app it has attained the cult status of a verb, today people say ‘Skype’ for video chat and this is simply phenomenal, when one considers than at the end of the day, it is just an app. However we might be wrong in assuming it just another app, as it has played a vital role in reducing distances, and the world as we know it today, truly turned into a global village, only after Skype. So what do you need to do if you want to enjoy free video call services of Skype, well it is not a hard thing, you go to Play Store and download Skype. Once you are finished with the installation, you create an account and you’re ready to roll.

Skype also offers free conference calls, this means that you can take people from different countries and regions on the call at the same time. This has helped a number of businesses, as now they get to communicate in a much better way, today we also have other video calling options, most popular of them being Whatsapp, however Skype still is considered the best, moreover it was the first one of its type and hence it enjoys the market dominance.

People all over the globe are using Skype, and are benefitting from its services, if you too want to avail Skype services, all you need to do is go to Play Store and download Skype. This is perhaps the most easiest way for conducting video conferences today, teachers are using it to teach their students, businessmen are using it to talk to their employees, family members are using it to stay in touch with each other. Henceforth in a nutshell Skype is for everyone, and this is the USP of this amazing app.

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