Spotify wants you to listen to music with your pets thanks to its new lists

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Spotify wants you to listen to music with your pets thanks to its new lists

Spotify is the leading audio streaming platform for something. For years, they have been adding new features that allow us to have a better and more personalized user experience. We can create playlists and share them with the entire world, as well as access podcast and other content, without leaving the app.

But can you imagine that you can select specific content for your pets? A somewhat crazy idea, but the reality is that animals also enjoy music. Proof of this is in thousands of videos on the Internet. Well, now Spotify allows you to create playlists for our dogs, cats, and other pets.

Spotify Pets, the commitment to consume content with our pets

As of today, Spotify offers us a new playlist generator. With him, he promises to create a selection of music that both we and our pets will enjoy. This novelty takes us by surprise, but the intention is clear, to go viral.

Thanks to this type of practice, Spotify has always excelled over its direct competitors, such as Apple Music. The generator uses an algorithm that allows us to analyze the personality of our pet, thanks to a series of data that we will supply.

Then, it will create a playlist with artists and songs that Spotify believes could be liked by our partners. Thus, an extremely energetic cat could receive a list with The Smiths or Das Racist. Meanwhile, a lazy dog ​​may prefer to listen to something more relaxed, such as Reggae, or Bossa nova.

How to generate a playlist for our pets in Spotify

The process to generate a playlist for our pets is really simple. We will only have to go to the web enabled by Spotify for this task and press the “Start” button. We log in with our account, and after this the page will ask us the type of pet we have, there are 5 options: dog, cat, hamster, bird and iguana.

After selecting one, the algorithm will ask us for some personality traits of the animal, as if they are energetic or relaxed, shy or friendly or apathetic / curious. Then, we can add the name, as well as a photo. Finally, Spotify will generate the playlist, and we can listen to it with our pet whenever we want, or share it.

We must say that the selection is quite good, in fact, although it is clear that it is also carried away by our behavior on the platform. We do not know if our pets will like it, but it is definitely an interesting novelty. You like me? Leave us your comments.

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