Dogs know that there is food that is not for them, so they try to steal it when we are not looking at them. What in addition to demonstrating that they are thieves, confirms that they are a very intelligent species.

It is not uncommon that while we make a grilled meat our friends dogs look with the face of “please give me a filetito I am hungry, yes?” During all that lasts the barbecue. Nor is it strange that while we are distracted by talking with our family and friends, someone steals the meat that was done on the grill Who do you think was the culprit?

A recent study by the Max Planck Institute in Germany showed that dogs are actually lizards experts. The novelty is that the dogs know the human being so well that they know that there is food that is destined for pets and another that is for us. Ratios of it, they do not attack our plate of food while we look at them, but if we blink or we stop to look for the sauce, they are very likely to attack. Somehow they believe that they will never be discovered or know that they will be punished but as the saying “eaten and danced says no one takes away from me”.

“It’s clear that dogs take the social situation into account before committing any action,” explains Dr. Juliane Kaminsky, lead author of the study and a researcher in the department of psychology at the University of Portmouth.

The research was conducted on 84 domestic dogs of different races, which were pets of 42 men and 42 women. The results showed that dogs used to steal more when they were dark, knowing full well that humans do not have all the visibility at that time. It was also found that the more prohibited food was, the more dogs wanted to steal it, especially when it comes to meat.

The discovery that dogs analyze very well certain situations, is a novelty since it was believed that only humans were able to know the social setting of other species. In addition the data are a great contribution to apply in canine training techniques.

This study did not probe the behavior of stray dogs, but it seems that they do not reason very different than well-kept pets, and despite not having owner, they know very well how the society of people works. Many homeless dogs are also thieves or know very well what it means to “steal” that is not the same as wanting to eat something by instinct. If you do not believe me look at this three-legged ampule in full action, you could not resist delicious sausages. This video made New Zealand feel

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