Teaching a puppy its name

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Teaching a puppy its name

Human children learned their name in the most bizarre fashion, everyone around the child is constantly calling his name and sooner or later the child gets it that he is supposed to respond with some gesture when that particular name is called.

Sadly most of us try to handle puppies with the same strategy, yes it might work, but is not advisable. Here are a few tips which you could use to help your puppy memorize its name.

  • Grasp attention

It is advised that you start the name drill when your puppy and you are alone, as there would be no distractions and puppy could easily concentrate. Don’t start if your dog is distracted, tired or over excited, and instead of waiting for his attention simply postpone the training to next day. Once you have the puppy’s attention call his name in a warm welcoming tone and see if he responds, if he doesn’t don’t worry as he is not aware of his name up till now. Try it again but this time with a clap and see if he comes running to you, or at least glances you for a second. If he does then give him a treat, this would surely get him excited.

  • Reward immediately

Rewarding plays a decisive role in early training and you must use it to your advantage in the name drill. As soon as your cheeky puppy responds to his name, you must immediately praise him with a remark or a gesture, whatever it is, just make sure it is easily understandable for the puppy. Reward him a treat and this would surely make him realize the importance of responding to his name.

  • Repetition

Remember that repetition is crucial in this drill as your puppy is currently responding to his name only because he is smart enough to realize that if he does so, he would be rewarded with a treat. Henceforth repeat this drill and after sometime without a treat and when he’s busy doing another task, try calling his name and record the reaction.

  • Location Change

During couple of early drills he would somehow learn to retort with a gesture, but to make sure that he gets his name, you must continue name drills in different parts of the house. Location change drills are pretty important as the dog learns that he needs to acknowledge his name regardless of the place and time.


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