The 6 best hotels that allow dogs in the world

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The 6 best hotels that allow dogs in the world

When we want to go on a trip with our dog or alone, whether for vacations or business, we always reach a controversial family dilemma regarding the care of our pets while we are absent, a fact that leads us to think of a relative to take care of her or hiring the service of a canine nursery in the town.

The dilemma arises when we want our dog to travel with us and visit a canine residence, a canine hotel as some call it or a nearby canine pension or in the same place where we are going to stay, a fact that greatly reduces the number of places to choose and It is no secret to anyone that finding hotels that accept pets is an arduous and colossal task.

Pet friendly Hotels: What are they ?, Where to locate them ?, What do they offer ?, How much do they cost?

A pet hotel or also called Pet Friendly is a conventional or luxury lodging establishment for temporary residence where owners can travel with their animals (dogs in this case) with the total peace of mind that they will be taken care of with all the comforts that a human being can have or more, even packages are offered where the hotel includes special pet snacks, dog nursery, accessories, toys and luxury entertainment and recreation areas served by professionals and guides that will make the stay of the animal a very pleasant moment with things that can be expected or probably extravagances that not even a human could have.

Competition in the hotel sector is becoming increasingly difficult worldwide as in all types of markets, for them some large and medium-sized hotel chains have had to take on the task of modifying their policies and becoming pet friendly hotels as it is also known, in order to give greater tranquility to guests who for various reasons have decided to travel with dogs.

Some time ago an important British company brought to market what we can call the first dog holiday package worldwide.

It is estimated that for an average of $ 70,000 Amercian dollars, your spoiled dog can run along the beaches with an Olympic sprinter, enjoy a private screening of «Lassie», a dog collar Louis Vuitton brand, also some counseling sessions and a stay With all the luxuries that this brings to the Paw Seasons hotel in England.

Although many of us would always like to find the best accommodation for dogs, an option like these may be one of the most extravagant and expensive ways in which pet lovers can treat their animals. However we share below this interesting information where we show a summary of the 12 best hotels for dogs worldwide and the average cost of the stay, as well as the services that this entails in these establishments, in case you visit those cities and you go with your dog, keep it in mind, if you finally chose to take your pet with you by plane, ship or road to your destination:

1. Best Western Fallsview Hotel, Niagara Falls, Canada

In the Best Western Niagara Falls pets are allowed, and therefore upon entering the establishment dogs are invited to taste some tasty cookies in the jar in the reception area before receiving a travel bag full of treats that they will love, in addition of a bottle of water and bags to deposit their respective waste.

The hotel is very close to Queen Victoria Park and Niagara Park. Best of all, the hotel staff is always with the best disposition to attend to each and every one of the puppies that pass through the place.

The average cost at the Best Western Fallsview Hotel ranges from $ 85 per room per night for people, and $ 23 per night for dogs.

2. Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows, Santa Monica, California

When registering at The Fairmont Miramar Hotel and Bungalows, friends receive their own dog bed, bowls and many treats to savor, they also offer babysitting services and pleasant walks.

Considering it as a strategic alliance, the hotel has partnered with a pet store and a beauty salon in Santa Monica, The Healthy Spot. Guests get 10% discount on dog toys and spa treatments from The Healthy Spot, which include pedicures and cranberry facials, a luxury that many dogs would not expect. Prices at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows, Santa Monica, California range from $ 329 per room per night for people, and the best, with no additional costs per person.

3. Lamb and Lion Inn, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape Cod is an ideal destination for vacation dogs and we’ll tell you the main reason. The Lamb and Lion Inn hotel is surrounded by dog-friendly beaches and several kilometers of hiking trails where you can stroll freely. The area is full of cozy restaurants, bars and cafes ideal for dogs.

An important detail is that the inn owners love dogs and have five of their own, including an adorable Yorkshire terrier named Cosmos.

If you dare to visit the Lamb and Lion Inn, keep in mind that the cost of the stay is around $ 179 per room per night for you, and $ 25 per dog, per night.

4. Le Meurice, Paris

Before talking about this hotel we will go back to 1907, in which the workers who built the hotel adopted a dog that lived there. This puppy was the pet of the hotel and in turn the one that inspired his emblem: a silhouette of a pair of greyhounds.

The puppies of the guests get a basket for dogs upon entering, a personalized identification tag and their own menu.

The Le Meurice hotel can also arrange for a bowl of food with the names of the dogs to be recorded before your visit and for the staff to walk the dogs in the nearby Tuileries garden (luxury, right?).

The famous Le Meurice in Paris has rates ranging from $ 823 per room per night for people, and do not charge additional values ​​for dogs.

5. Loews Annapolis Hotel, Annapolis, Maryland

In case you don’t know this city, Annapolis was ranked as the third most dog-friendly city in the United States according to the “Dog Fancy” magazine. And this can also be seen in the 39,000 residents of the city, which have approximately 20,000 dogs, and the Loews Annapolis Hotel is one of the reasons.

VIP category dogs staying at the hotel will receive their respective pet mat, a bowl of water, Fiji spring water and a room service menu that offers everything from vegetarian dog treats to a tasty tennis ball for bite and play

In the summer months, the hotel organizes canine evenings and cocktails very frequently, and it should be noted that they admit dogs in order to raise money for charities in the same town.

If you want to go visit this beautiful Loews Annapolis hotel in Marylanre, its prices range from $ 159 dollars per room per night, with no additional costs to take your dogs.

6. Mandarin Oriental, Washington, DC.

This Hotel offers what many would like to have, a lodging sites where guests can take their dogs quietly, so if you have no one to leave your pet with and go on a trip to this city, then the Mandarin Oriental in Washington, DC is your best option, you can even sign up for the Puppy Love package.

The aforementioned package includes overnight accommodation in a luxury room and a very luxurious dog bed, along with a menu that includes treats such as Perfect Pooch Pasta and Tail-Waggin ‘Turkey, a delicacy for your palate four-legged friend.

The Mandarin Oriental Washington DC charges a fee from $ 315 per room per night and $ 100 per dog, plus $ 50 per additional dog per night on site.

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