The Colombian App for walking pets – IOS/Android

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The Colombian App for walking pets – IOS/Android
If you love your pet you probably would not like to be called “forever alone”, because an application in Colombia now helps you with this particular problem, it is Wakypet the app to walk pets that currently makes thousands of pets have a friend With whom to go for a walk and play in a safe, fun and reliable way.

It is a venture born in Medellín that connects owners who need to walk their pets with verified walkers thus achieving a safe ride in which you have real-time control through the application, on the other hand at the same time you are creating job opportunities for thousands of men and women interested in generating income using the app.

According to the video published on social networks by the same application, it proposes that your dog ceases to be a “forever alone” because some pets tend to be left alone at home without having a friend with whom to play or go jogging and even reach getting sick or generating psychological problems, that is why Wakypet provides contact with thousands of walkers available in the cities of the country willing to become their best friends.

In Colombia the trend of people who own pets increases more than 13% per year, on average there are 13 million homes in the country and the percentage of families that have a pet is 60%, Oscar Pedroza CEO of Wakypet after Going through several ventures including one of pets where different pet services were offered discovers that one of the needs with greater demand is the search for walkers and therefore creates the application.

How does it work?

There are two versions of the app, one for pet owners and one for those interested in becoming walkers and working with the app. In the first case the user requests a walk and the system through the GPS (global positioning system) searches for a walker that is around 1.5km away, the pet owner can request a walk immediately or schedule weekly and even You can opt for a monthly plan, and if you wish, you can convert the walker with the one that is most comfortable in your favorite walker.

One of the advantages of using Wakypet is that during the tours the pet owner will be able to monitor in real time where they are taking their dog and that it is actually active, rate it, receive results of the tour, discounts for frequent walks and the Guarantee that your pet will be with a verified person.

On the other hand, the second option called “Wakypet for walkers” allows you to earn money walking pets, in this one the interested user must register and send their request along with a series of documents to verify that it is a reliable person who is profiling to work with the app , once the corresponding investigation is carried out, you will be trained and will begin to receive requests for walks The application was born in March 2018 and already has more than 30 thousand downloads, according to Oscar Pedroza the application has registered more than 12 thousand customers and 8 thousand walkers who have gone through security processes.

It currently operates throughout Colombia and seeks investment capital to increase its visibility and thus increase its availability of walkers in all the territories of the country, also advances negotiations with institutions such as SENA that have dog walk programs to improve service with Your walkers.

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