The Community of Madrid presents an app to facilitate the adoption of animals and locate lost pets

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The Community of Madrid presents an app to facilitate the adoption of animals and locate lost pets

Are you thinking that a dog or cat can be a good gift from kings magicians for your children, cousins, nephews, your partner or even for yourself?

First, you must bear in mind that a pet is not any toy or a whim, but a living being that must be taken care of and feed and, ultimately, a great responsibility.

If despite this, you are decided to make yourself with one there are many reasons why you adopt instead of buying. The first of them is that there are many animals that have been abandoned or mistreated by their owners and they deserve a second chance despite being adults. In addition, with the purchase of a puppy you are favoring a possible illegal trade and indiscriminate breeding.

In this sense, the Community of Madrid, within its animal protection policy and adoption promotion, has launched a mobile application called Mascomad that brings together the supply of animals available for adoption in the region. The Madrid have already demonstrated their awareness in this regard and in the last decade more than 78,000 specimens have been adopted, the majority (71%) dogs.

The software facilitates all the necessary information to perform this procedure and has a search engine that allows locating dogs or cats according to their size, age, sex or host center within the database. There is no race filter as such, to avoid fashions or preferences in this regard. Mascomd users who have seen a mining or can that you like, can send an email or make a phone call using the mobile application itself.

The app also means a very useful tool to notify lost animals and notify pets found to the animal identification record of Madrid. Those owners have the possibility of adding a photo and contact information to be notified if the expected finding occurs. Mascomad can now be downloaded at Google Play and the App Store.

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