The description of Clap to Find My Lost Phone

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The description of Clap to Find My Lost Phone

Presentation of the new way to find the smartphone device. Clap to find my lost phone – Clap Phone Finder is the most amazing and most sensitive application for you.

If you lost your cell phone, then there is no need to worry just to clap your hand to find the actual phone application. This is the most secure and reliable application that helps applaud and find your mobile phone. Find the cell phone number of a person at home in Clap with Find My Lost Phone – Clap Phone Finder. Applaud to find my lost Android phone app for everyone. Clap to Find My Lost Phone – Clap Phone Finder is a professional application that helps you find the lost phone in your room or office.

Just clapping your hand and you will get alert on your lost phone and easily detect your smart device. It is the best and easiest way to quickly check where your lost phone by this real phone finder application applaud.

Find my phone using a hand of applause: If you can not find your device manager, always use Clap to find my lost phone – Clap Phone Finder. This is a simple and best free application that can help you when you lose your phone. You just have to applaud and your phone will start to emit loud sounds, turn on a bright LED camera flashlight and vibrate. If you have ever lost your phone in your room, bag, desk or car and could not find it, this amazing application is just for you. You will find your loss very fast using finder family locator phone tracking app!

Applause for Lost Phone Tracker:

Clap to find my lost phone – Clap Phone Finder is an exciting find the phone of the pager application. Track the life of your lost device find friends location using GPS navigation. Find the lost phone track with a simple applause and the phone will automatically buzz.

Amazing functions of the applauding lantern sensor:

Useful function to stop slap detection when the incoming call is in progress. The palm detector will stop during the phone call. Once the call is finished, the application will automatically configure the microphone for applause detection. The phone will start to flash with the bright LED lamp built on the back of the phone (this flashlight is used to take pictures in low light conditions). Full flashlight also helps to find the lost phone in the dark night. Forget the search for a torch and forget to turn on your flashlight, just clap your hands and see your bright flashlight.

Amazing functions to find my lost phone – Clap Phone Finder:

  • Quickly applaud to set up and start
  • Sound / vibration / flash alert modes
  • Ring tone for personalization and volume
  • Customization time for which the alert is reproduced
  • Automatic start application when the phone goes silent
  • Pause palap detection when it is not necessary for example: during office hours
  • Automatic sensitivity adjustment based on the Android device
  • Sensitivity of personalization
  • Widget to facilitate / disable easily
  • Low battery consumption

How does it work?

  • – Detect palm sounds and activate the flash light on your phone
  • – Execute the alarm. You can choose the sound and volume of the alarm. You can choose if the phone has to vibrate, turn on the flashlight or blink on the screen. The alarm is completely customizable

Download now and there is no need to worry more about losing your phone at home, office or car.

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