Three fantastic applications to care for and enjoy your pet more – For Android !!

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Three fantastic applications to care for and enjoy your pet more – For Android !!

It has always been said that the dog (and animals in general) is man’s best friend right? And in reality, since ancient times it has been like this, showing loyalty and affection towards us (except specific cases).

This is why we must take care of them and keep them in shape, some tasks for which our Android can help us through these three pet applications.

Pets Next Door

This application becomes like a social network of pets. We can share photographs of our pet, create a profile with your data and even rate the friendship you have established with other pets. In addition to this we can discover new people with pets that are close to our location.


In this case we talk about an all-in-one, an application that solves several problems at the same time, a must-have if you are the owner of an animal.

Has your pet been harmed while playing? Find here the first aid and the closest veterinarians to attend. Also find tips and information about what your pet has and how it is cured.

In addition to this you can calculate the age of your dog, write a diary about the things he does every day or even access a series of music tracks ideal for animals.


Do you know applications like Endomondo or Runkeeper? They are applications that help us create a history of our physical exercises. Well, with Petometer we do exactly the same.

We can create histories of walks and even tell the application to let us walk our pet at a certain time and a few specific days. We can also access a whole list of exercises that we can perform with our animal.

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