Tomawatchi, the virtual pet that depends on your daily activity to survive – Android/IOS

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Tomawatchi, the virtual pet that depends on your daily activity to survive – Android/IOS

Tomawatchi is a new type of Tamagotchi that integrates with Google Fit. Use your steps to maintain health and you will have to feed him daily.

Remember the Tamagotchi, right? That virtual pet that had to be fed and cared for every day triumphed in the late nineties, although new versions with more characters are still being sold today.

As usual, the Tamagotchi have also modernized and made the leap to mobile devices. A few months ago we talked about the Tamagotchi Angel app, the official Bandai game and today it is Tomawatchi’s turn, although this time it is a bit different.

Tomawatchi: either you move or you run out of partner

Tomawatchi’s health is up to you. Yes, in the original too, but this time it goes one step further, since it is up to you literally, if you don’t move, Tomawatchi’s health will get worse. To do this, use the Google Fit API, the service to quantify all our daily activity thanks to the sensors of the smartphone.

The idea is that taking care of our Tomawatchi is the excuse to move and stay active during the day. More activity, more health for the pet, although we will still have to take a bath and feed him, but come on, is to press a button.

At the moment the application has very few options and among those we find is to put the name we want to our Tomawatchi. Maybe in future updates include mini-games or something more attractive.

Tomawatchi is free from Google Play, compatible from Android 4.0.3 and all we need is to give permissions at the beginning so you can use our Google Fit information. A curious and different way to take advantage of daily activity. App Store

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