Train your dog in 5 easy steps !!

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Train your dog in 5 easy steps !!

We do not have to be César Millán, the “charming dog”, to educate our pet. You just have to take some considerations, even before taking our friend home for the first time.

There are loyal, faithful dogs and others who are also very strong and well-mannered. It is our fault, we have not been able to educate them well, we have made mistakes that now pass us the bill.

Dogs have different ways of being, it is very probable that two dogs that were raised together at birth have completely different behaviors, this is not strange, you have to know your dog well, according to his size, race and personality to teach him . For this it is essential that you explode two key factors: Patience and love.

We do not have to be César Millán, the “charming dog”, to educate our pet. You just have to take some considerations, even before taking our friend home for the first time.

It seems logical but a lot of people do not understand that a department is not the best home for a dog, not a small yard if it is a big breed and a lot less a wallet.

The family environment is also important, there are dogs that get along better with children than others, some speak of dangerous breeds, but what matters is how to breed the dog. The other thing is that to educate him well it is better that he is a cub, because that way he will understand from childhood to take with the children. If you do not have children and have space you can have any dog, much better if it is an adult that you adopted from the street or from some family that does not care as it deserves.

  • Step 1: Create a play routine with your dog between 10 and 20 minutes a day. When this comfortable begins to teach tricks very simple. Be very patient, if at first you disturb the dog will no longer want to play. Remember that if the dog is not a puppy the routine has to be done for longer. If they are afraid, it is very difficult for them to learn.
  • Step 2: The can never forget that you are the master. Do not ever hit him, you can raise your voice and say No! When they do something wrong, they understand perfectly. When they do something well you must compensate them with a cookie. If you give him a bone they will want to nibble or bury him around, which will end with training. The prizes have to be numerous, if the dog does something well 3.4 or 5 times you always have to reward it, so you will be much more attentive to what you want to do. Needless to say, if the cookie is not to your liking, you will not participate in the training with much enthusiasm.
  • Step 3: Make sure the dog knows you have a prize before giving the order. When the friend learns a trick, repeat it several times so you do not forget, of course you should not abuse, because you will lose interest. Use your hands and clear language to give the instructions, the dog will end up familiarizing the gestures with the sound of some words. If the achievement is supreme, congratulate him effusively, let him know that he is the best and that you are content with what he can achieve.
  • Step 4: Tricks should be taught once a week, and you should continue a routine if you want to continue learning. From time to time remind him of old tricks. Keep in mind that you should never overdo it.
  • Step 5: Pure Love and Friendship :).
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