Although we are at the dawn of artificial intelligence, some believe that the language barrier may finally break through this technology.

Without going any further, the first terminals IA Huawei are able to identify texts in other languages ​​to make our life easier when we travel. However, it is not necessary to have a mobile with Artificial Intelligence to achieve it. We tell you everything in detail .

When you do not handle the language of the country you are going to visit, whether for pleasure or business, it is better to have these useful applications on your mobile After eight months of road tests in France, Spain, Germany and Japan, these are three of the applications that stood the test of time. All have free versions and are available for both Android and iPhone devices.

The integration of artificial intelligence into the new mobile processors makes many of these translation actions faster and more precise. However, the development of Apps that translate texts in other languages ​​takes a long way. In some cases, very precise translations are obtained that can take us out of some trouble if we are traveling in a country whose language we completely ignore. Within all this software, we find solutions launched by giants like Google or Microsoft. Therefore, today we will recommend the best Apps to translate texts with your mobile camera automatically.

Google Translator

With the Google seal, this App allows you to translate between 38 languages with your mobile camera instantly. It also allows you to translate 59 languages even if we don’t have a connection and up to 103 languages if we write the text.

If we try the application we will see that it allows us to translate text that we write on the screen, translate our voice and even translate text with the camera. The use of the camera is quite curious. since if we point to any image with the camera, it will alter the image in real time, showing us the translated text as if the original image were like that. A highly recommended translator, which also has support for Android Wear.

  • The best: Recognition of offline languages, good level of translations.
  • The worst: It does not recognize handwriting very well, if you are going to use the camera it will only work well with posters.

Google Translator is the best translation service that currently exists. However, if you find a text or image with text that you do not want to transcribe manually, the most practical thing is probably to use the cell phone camera. That is, you focus on what you want to translate and automatically on the screen you will see the translation.

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft’s solution allows you to translate more than 60 languages including texts, conversations, photos and screenshots. The camera function allows a fast and very accurate translation.

Regarding the translation of the camera, its performance is decent, although it is a bit below its main rivals. The application does not translate in real time, but takes a photo and analyzes the text that is in it, showing the translations on the original text. Like Google’s translator, it does not recognize handwriting very well.

  • The best: offline translation, many translation tools.
  • The worst: Slower recognizing text than its rivals.

Translation camera

This App for Android has one of the best integrations to translate with our camera languages of difficult identification such as Chinese, Korean or Japanese. Just focus and shoot to receive a very reliable translation quickly.

Camera Translator only allows us to use the camera, and needs Internet connection to make the translations, but the truth is that it has better optical recognition than the Google and Microsoft alternatives, even recognizing the handwritten text and showing us recommendations of similar words at the top of the screen.

  • The best: His optical recognition.
  • The worst: It only translates with the camera and does not support offline recognition.

The first application is Google’s own translator. Over the years there has been a lot of talk about the low level of Google translations, but over time it has made enough progress to be one of the best free translators in the market.

How to use Google’s camera translator ?

Via following this steps :

  1. Install the Google translator and open the application.
  2. Touch the camera button.
  3. Point the camera at the English text.
  4. Automatically and almost instantly you will see the Spanish translation on the screen.

Translate SIN internet

This feature of the Google translator works WITHOUT the internet, so you should not worry if you are somewhere on earth where there is no connection. Just be sure to download the language pairs that you are going to translate WITHOUT the internet. For this, in the app, open the left side menu and touch on “Translation without connection”.

This “offline” function not only benefits the camera translator, but also translates text entered manually.


Another great App to have no problem with languages is iTranslate. It allows to translate between more than 90 languages and has a “Lens” version that uses the camera of our mobile to translate menus, signs and other texts.


We finish with an interesting App for iPhone that allows you to translate more than 100 languages focusing with the camera of our terminal. It allows access to old translations without being connected to the Internet.


Why we like it: more than a translator, TripLingo is a complete tourism application whose objective is to minimize communication failures and errors when traveling abroad. It offers instant translations based on voice and text in 42 languages, as well as guidelines on local customs, etiquette and tips throughout the world (there are even machetes with medical and safety phrases, just in case).

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