Uber will let you take your pet … for an extra cost

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Uber will let you take your pet … for an extra cost

Pets play an important role in the family but most of the time it is difficult to find a transport for them. Luckily for animal lovers in the city of León, there is the ‘PerrUber’ a service with which you can move your pet to any point of the city and also responds to emergencies.

For pet owners who do not have their own vehicle, it is essential to have transport services that allow them to take pets and although applications such as Uber have the ‘pet friendly’ service, several users have reported that they have been denied service and even the ‘app’ does not allow them to request it.

It is well known that Uber has never completely banned users from getting into cars taking their pets with them. However, in theory they were obliged to notify the driver, in addition to asking for permission, so they could refuse and cancel the trip justifiably.

Luckily, now the company is already testing a new feature that will make traveling with pets much easier.

The new Uber option is called UberPet and will be launched on October 16 in the cities of Austin, Denver, Nashville, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tampa Bay.

But do not believe that this change comes free, because they will make an additional charge that would go from $ 2 to $ 5 dollars for letting a pet travel with you.

It should be noted that the company does not specify which animals can get in a car and which cannot, because it only says that you can take ‘domestic pets’, so it is understood that you can carry rabbits, hamsters, birds and even fish.

Although some people have already shown their annoyance for the additional charge, claiming that it is as if they charge extra to take a child, there are others who say the payment is so small that it is well worth the service.

The Uber application ensures in its social networks to have this service that is available in certain cities, but Guanajuato does not appear on the map.

A user of the ‘PerrUber’ named Dulce Cázares shared her experience with this service on Facebook, rating it as excellent. His pet was going through an emergency and thanks to this transport he was able to arrive on time with the veterinarian.

UberPet is not a really new service, as it was already being used in the markets of Asia and Latin America, in countries such as Brazil, Singapore and Mexico.

Jorge Olvera, driver of the ‘PerrUber’ offers the service of moving pets and their owners to any point of the city and ensures that it is the best service, or at least it has been rated in comments and through his Fan Page @Lili Hoops

If you do not have a transport box you do not have to pay an additional fee, because it has several different sizes in case your pet requires it, otherwise, you can travel normally in the back or as a co-pilot.

After being tested in these cities, it will now be offered in the United States, first only in a few cities, but with a view to extending it nationwide.

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