Wakyma the app that pet lovers were waiting for – IOS/Android

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Wakyma the app that pet lovers were waiting for – IOS/Android
Timón and Pumba went down in history for their “Hakuna Matata”, Swahili expression that made “The Lion King” famous and that reminds us of our duty to live and be happy. Also, a dog named Kiba – pet and source of happiness for Pablo González, mobile developer at The Papaya Group – is already starting to make history by being the inspiration of an application that is already available in the IOS and Android app-store: Wakyma .

Acronym made from the Swahili words: WAnyama (animal), KIpenzi (pet) and HuduMA (care), Wakyma has arrived to revolutionize the experience in pet care. The application perfectly summarizes the values ​​of nature and freedom, as well as the protective and at the same time fun spirit with which Paul began to devise this application. It has been a process that, like many of the great ideas and innovations, arose from a love story and an unmet need.

“I loved the roll of pets forever, but I had never had one,” Pablo confesses; “When I decided to buy Kiba” – an adorable but shiba race – “three years ago, I began to encounter a lot of problems and needs that I didn’t see how to solve easily. I saw the opportunity to join my experience of owning for the first time! of a pet and my experience as a professional in the development of apps ”.

“Everyone talked about the pet boom but in the end my perception is that nothing was done, and if there was, everything was very scattered,” he recalls.

Faced with a scenario in which the few applications addressed to pet owners solved very specific situations: network of contacts of “kangaroos” (caregivers) or pet walkers; commercial networks of food products, among others, Pablo was still seeing a gap in this sector. “I began to realize not only that I needed more things but that it is a sector in which a lot of money moves, a sector in which people really love their pets, as I began to love mine … And nobody was exploiting that as it could! ”

The first was the booklet … Some delicate health problems in Kiba a few months old, and the difficulty of sharing clinical information among several veterinarians who treated him, as well as subsequent treatments, made it clear to Paul the need for platform from which to manage everything in a unified way. “At a time when almost everyone already has our information online, why not have our pets?” He asked.

The Google of pets

Wakyma was born, conceived as an online platform that allows you to manage the needs of pets in the easiest and most intelligent way.

From that digital version of the booklet, other features emerged that make it unique: a robust database of trusted clinics, according to location and specialties; detailed listings of services, locations and pet-friendly places of each city; a platform to easily control the care required by the pet; an automated alarm system to not forget any vaccine, appointment or detail related to the pet, as well as a blog that to date has more than 60,000 thousand visits per month and more than 1,600 articles with everything that animal lovers Domestic need to know about the animal world and its care.

“Be like the Google of pets,” says Pablo fearlessly. To that he aspires with Wakyma, a project that he has defended with tenacity, convinced that in that integration of services are his key and his differential value.

For the above, he and his team have applied the concept of “machine learning”, which consists in the use of machine learning technology. This is how each and every one of the steps, searches and records of the users is monitored so that the application can “learn” and generate personalized predictions in any of the platform’s functionalities, and thus provide The best user experience.

User experience that in turn becomes the best letter for new developments that will be seen later in the app, such as Wakyma Vets: a management and reservation functionality for veterinary clinics that would be fully integrated into the current app; Another is the integration of a product platform, with unique and precise recommendations for each user and their pet.

To date, Wakyma has already more than two thousand downloads, which further enriches all this learning; User reactions have not been long in coming: support for campaigns against the stigmatization of certain dog breeds, support for solidarity races and animal blood campaigns, consolidation of networks with influencers who love their pets, among others have been the pleasant experiences that Pablo and his team of collaborators have lived, who do not stop receiving feedback from their users.

More than an application, a demonstration of love

Pablo is emphatic in pointing out that all this effort would not be possible without the courage that he and his team pursue to raise awareness about the care and love of animals in a country like Spain, which is at the rear in terms of animal protection at the level European.

According to the latest data from Affinity, a foundation that in Spain seeks to promote the positive role of pets, every four minutes a dog or cat is abandoned (in the case of dogs it is one every three minutes), which would give a figure of about 137,800 of these animals that are left homeless every year.

“In Spain about 16% of the abandonment of dogs is due to economic problems, the whole issue of the economic crisis in which dogs have taken the worst part. 10% is because the hunting season is over and unfortunately they prefer to abandon it to have to keep it until a new season, and 12% is due to education problems, because they do not know how to educate it or do so with dominance methods, not positive, which are the ones that are used now, ”says Pablo, who is very aware of the figures used in this matter.

“It is by far the EU country where it is most abandoned. In that sense with Wakyma we also want to help raise awareness of this problem, so we try to make alliances with campaigns and other actors in the sector, so that pets are not seen as they looked until a while ago, not as animals of company but as guardians of houses, farms or livestock, for example. They are more than pets, they are another member of the family. And you wouldn’t leave a member of your family, right? “.

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