What currency with dog theme will come first to the million owners: Shiba Inu or Babydoge?

samerLast Update : Friday 6 May 2022 - 12:44 PM
What currency with dog theme will come first to the million owners: Shiba Inu or Babydoge?

Shiba Inu and Babydoge continue to fight for supremacy when approaching a million owners. It is fascinating to consider where these coins come and all the premise behind them come.

Meme coins did not exist a year ago. Now they are among the most important projects in the space of cryptomoneds. They have shown that usefulness is not always the driving force of growth in space.

However, as more currencies enter the market, competition between the main projects has become fierce. First, Shiba Inus jumped to fame as the “Doge Killer”, a reference to the original Meme coin. Now, Shiba Inu has ferocious competitors in the form of Babydoge and Floki Inu. As coins meme gain popularity, who will be the first to reach the million owners?

The race to the top

Shiba Inu and Babydoge have overcome the 950,000 owners at the time of writing this article. The two MEME currencies continue to compete for reaching the million owners, but Shib has an advantage of about 40,000. The interesting thing is that Shiba Inu has won traction before Babydoge, even though the owners of both projects are very close to each other.

The search for 100x earnings is one of the reasons for this. Most believe that a coin like Shiba Inu does not have as much growth margin as a project like Babydoge, which is still relatively new. Shib has reduced its price in several zeros, but Babydoge still has a long way to go. Take it at the same level as the price of Shiba Inu would suppose enormous profits for its owners.

Babydoge currently has 957,453 registered users. Shiba Inu, for its part, has 992,986 owners. This places the latter ahead ahead in the race towards the million owners, and it is likely that Shib is the first of the two coins meme to get it.

Shiba Inu seizes social networks

The popularity of Shiba Inu is growing faster than its owners’ base. On social media platforms such as Twitter, the coin MEME has constantly dominated the discussion. Google searches have also been included, since Meme Coin is one of the most geologized cryptodivisas of the market. On these platforms, compete with the main currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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