What kind of dog should you have according to your personality?

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What kind of dog should you have according to your personality?

Whether you’re looking for a partner to run every morning or one to cuddle on Sundays, this note is for you!

In recent years, pop culture has taken personality as the basis for deciding various aspects of our life. What kind of work should you have, what city should you live in, what book should you read?

But there is one thing that should definitely take into account your personality: With what type of dog would you live better? In an effort to help you with this important decision, the organic pet food brand, Organix, has identified several of the most popular breeds with some personality traits that are seen regularly among most people.

  • – The lover of adventures: If your weekends are full of outdoor walks, you love climbing and you love conquering obstacles, you need a dog that is just as exploratory as you. The Weimaraner is known for his speed, his intrepid curiosity and his ability to cover great distances without getting tired. These dogs are easy to train, making them an ideal companion for any adventure you have planned.
  • – The home: If your idea of ​​the perfect weekend is to stay at home, drinking hot chocolate and watching Netflix, the Havanese Bichon is the ideal dog for you. These little dogs are playful with lots of hair and short legs. They love to jog around you instead of going out to investigate the world. With a little play time they will be more than happy all day long.
  • – The urban eclectic: You may think that living in the city with a tight schedule can be a bad sign to have a dog. However, a small dog whose need for exercise is compatible with a daily walk may be perfect for you. Adaptable to any space, the energetic Pug just needs a quick hike. When you get home your Pug will be willing to give you all the love your little heart can give you.
  • – The Social Butterfly: You are the soul of the party and you want your furry friend to coexist in picnics, brunchs and weekend trips wherever you want. The Beagle could be your ideal match for the party. These little furry people spend their time getting to know other dogs and new people, so you’ll never have to worry about getting sick with someone else.
  • – The Library Mouse: Do you think all dogs have too much energy and would never adapt to an introverted lifestyle? Think twice. Surprisingly, some of the larger dog breeds love nothing more than spending all day sleeping on the couch. The Newfoundland is an ideal breed for you. While they are happy taking a walk in nature, they are also the perfect couple to snuggle in while you enjoy your favorite book.
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