What to expect from the new ‘Borderlands 3’ in this 2019 ? – Download (IOS/Android)

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What to expect from the new ‘Borderlands 3’ in this 2019 ? – Download (IOS/Android)

The third installment of the shooting saga promises many improvements while maintaining its frenetic style and unique graphics.

Telltale is one of the studies that more level is demonstrating in its games in the last years, leading a new resurgence of the graphic adventures type point-and-click with titles like The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones. Another of his titles, always divided into episodes, is Tales of the Borderlands, based on the popular saga of shooters. Now your first chapter is available for free.

Frenetism, madness and action. The main dose of Borderlands never changes and its developer, Gearbox, knows how to take advantage of it. Back to the wilderness after Borderlands 2 and Borderlands The Presequel is a luxury that reaches all video game consoles. Shooting, bizarre weapons and cheap humor return with the heroes, the House Seekers, on a new mission – or several – to save the world.

The game will send us to the planet Pandora, which has nothing to do with that of Avatar, but it is a desert and border world, with a strong western component, a world full of gangsters, hunters and bandits. We will put ourselves in the shoes of Rhys and Fiona, two scammers who will have to function in complicated situations after the events of Borderlands.

After hundreds of hours of play in the previous installments, Borderlands 3 is refreshed with an improved visual section, which does not neglect its traditional cartoon style, and with many more weapons to defeat stronger and more diverse enemies. From the hand of the heroes, who are thugs and bandits at the same time, players again have the possibility of destroying an entire universe for a good cause, while traveling dozens of new dimensions and unknown contexts.

In addition, accompanied by his simple humor, which refers to many jokes of the internet or pop culture, Gearbox once again bet on curious and fun missions, but they are still repetitive and – at some point – exhausting. Although, for the most fans and lovers of the genre, this is the true magic of Borderlands, a video game to de-stress and get lost in the rain of bullets.

The four protagonists of this third installment are Moze, the soldier; Zane, the command; Amara, the mermaid and Fl4k, the beast tamer. Each of them, according to the previous information of the videogame, will be fully customizable, which guarantees, in theory, a hundred hours of replayability. This, considering that playing with each of these characters is a different experience.

The villains on this occasion have a complicated task: to overcome the starring role of Jack El Guapo, the famous anti-hero of Borderlands 2 and owner of Hyperion, the intergalactic company that seeks the same treasures as our characters. The twins Calypso, Troy and Tryreen, are the leaders of a cult that convinced all the ruffians of the wilderness that they are their saviors. In response, the main objective of this delivery is to beat them. How ?, in the best Borderlands style: pulling the trigger.

The graphic section, as shown by the content exposed by the developer, returns to its flagship style: a touch of post apocalyptic cyber-punk with influences from the best dystopian cinema. Of course, Borderlands 3 ventures into new and more colorful universes, unlike the simple and unimpressive of its previous installments. On this occasion, making one of the latest technologies, the video game is launched at another level, hoping to enlarge its legend among lovers of titles in its category.

With respect to the gameplay, it is not a secret that the Borderlands saga has always shone when it is cooperatively involved. Enjoying the game with friends, either on the same console or on the internet, greatly improves the experience, which still remains positive alone. Even so, there is a magical touch in destroying team villains and seeing teammates gain new levels and release ever more powerful powers.

Borderlands 3 is now available on all consoles, its price being USD 60. In computer, despite having been launched, it has an exclusive contract with the Epic Games store, so Steam users should wait until April 20 of next year to have it in your library.

Undoubtedly, Borderlands 3 has all the complements to be one of the titles of 2019. Awaiting to play it and to break down its intricate details and insights, the new delivery of 2K and Gearbox promises by far. If you achieve a balance between its duration and entertainment, you can aim high.

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