Whatsapp Gold: The last scam you should avoid it !!

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Whatsapp Gold: The last scam you should avoid it !!

Whatsapp Gold is one of the latest scams that are circulating on the networks. What does it consist of? What should we do to avoid the scam?

There are currently a large number of scams circulating on the Internet. These scams take advantage of the ignorance of users to offer them improved versions of fashion applications and steal our information.

This is not new, and it already happened for the first time when the Internet began to become popular with computers. The smartphone cycle has arrived, and with it, new scams to take advantage of people, but using the same means. Today we will talk about a case that is becoming very popular lately.

Whatsapp Gold, the fashion scam that circulates on the networks

If you have been attentive to social networks you will have noticed a new scam that has captured the attention of the media. This scam is known as WhatsApp Gold, and it is a premium version of WhatsApp that has casually leaked to the public.

The application is theoretically nothing more and nothing less than the version of Whatsapp that celebrities use. And thanks to the fact that it has leaked, any anonymous human being can enjoy this application as if it were a new Hollywood star. Amazing!

As more than one will have suspected, there is no version of WhatsApp for celebrities, but it is a hook for us to download the most premium version of WhatsApp in the world, which of course is a scam.

What WhatsApp Gold promises us

As the fraudulent version of WhatsApp Gold wants us to believe, celebrities not only live better but also their WhatsApp application is superior to that used by the rest of mortals. What does Whatsapp Gold promise us?

  • Video calls
  • Deletion of messages already sent.
  • New themes of colors.
  • To be able to send up to 100 images simultaneously.
  • More emojis
  • Icons in high definition.

What does Whatsapp Gold really do

How many of those things does WhatsApp Gold do? Well, frankly none. If we install it, we will realize that it is a WhatsApp version in which there are no changes, but nevertheless if it will do something that WhatsApp did not do, use our data fraudulently.

Back in 2014 when the first versions of WhatsApp Gold emerged, this application stole our phone number, subscribing it to premium SMS services that at the end of the month passed us unwanted invoices. In the new version of Whatsapp Gold, it infects our mobile phone to steal our information.

What should we do with our phone if we have fallen into the trap

If for some reason you have fallen into the WhatsApp Gold trap, you may worry about knowing what you should do to return everything to its original state. As we reported on Twitter, the Police itself has posted on Twitter some tips to protect our account.

Beyond what it may seem to us, it is a strategy that we could consider valid. From our personal opinion, we believe that the use of antivirus on Android is not as effective as it should be. In this case, we recommend opting for a more radical method.

  • Factory reset the terminal.
  • Change the passwords of our accounts hosted on the phone.

On the other hand, if after performing these steps we continue to receive SMS messages of doubtful confidence, we should investigate the origin of them to unsubscribe us from the services to which the person who impersonates our identity has registered us.

We must stop falling into these traps

The Internet is a very wide world, and in the same way that there are always people willing to take advantage of others, there are also many more innocent or novices in this of networks. Scams with messaging applications exist since the MSN Messenger exists, and although times change, scams last over time.

Usually, scammers are aware that courier customers are imperfect, so they use different claims (free WhatsApp when paid, the new features of WhatsApp Gold) to capture our attention. The scammer always tries to justify that his product is a secret and that big companies try to hide it, giving you the feeling that he is doing you a favor and earning our trust. It is like the story of the Trojan horse.

As much as computer security evolves, these scams will continue to exist, and the best we can do is educate our acquaintances so they don’t fall like flies in the honey of pishing.

If you are a father, educate your children about the dangers of falling into the lies of strangers. If you are a child or grandchild, warn your parents / grandparents that nothing is free online. And of course, give a lesson to that brother-in-law who thinks he knows more than the others.

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