Which countries have the highest number of pet-friendly hotels?

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Which countries have the highest number of pet-friendly hotels?

Taxi2airport.com found out that the country with the highest number of hotels that accept pets is Italy, with 18,176 pet-friendly hotels available at the time of the research.

The top 5 countries where you can travel with your furry (or not so furry) companion are: Italy (18,176), Russia (10,831), Poland (8,521), Croatia (7,794) and Spain (6,945).

Where should you travel to for a 5-star experience for you and your pet?

Taxi2airport.com also had a look at the number of 5-star hotels for each country in Europe to see where you should travel to if you are looking for a luxurious experience. These are: France (217 hotels), UK (166 hotels), Italy (157 hotels), Croatia (120 hotels) and Finland (112 hotels).

1. The Milestone Hotel, London

The masters who registered their dogs at the Milestone Hotel in London receive a welcome basket for their four-legged friends, which contains treats for dogs, toys, a Milestone identification badge and bags to collect their waste.

The hotel rooms for dogs are equipped with door tags «Do not disturb, sleeping pets, etc.«, containers with food and water. Pets also have the right to choose from a variety of dog comforters, cushions and mats, there is even a doggie coverage service, and staff can prepare a special cake if it is the special day of their furry friend.

The Milestone Hotel in London charges from $ 511 dollars per room per night, with no extra charge for dogs.

2. The Muse Hotel, New York

Your dog may not have the ability to appreciate the name of this hotel, but you will definitely appreciate the luxurious bed, food containers and bottled water that will be offered there.

This is a place where dogs can spend the best vacations of their lives. The owners receive complimentary plastic bags for their dog’s needs, a list of nearby restaurants and a personal welcome from the pet relations director and a pretty fluffy Pomeranian coffee cup called “Ginger.”

The Muse hotel in New York charges for its services from $ 249 per room per night, at no additional cost to dogs, spectacular as a destination if your plan is to go on vacation with pets or dogs precisely.

3. Hotel Yufuin Garden, Ōita, Japan

The hot springs are not only for humans, dogs also deserve this pleasant pleasure of being able to relax their bodies in warm and soothing waters, and this hotel has that in mind.

At Hotel Yufuin Garden, guests can have their own exercise paddock and indoor exercise area, but the gardens have also been designed so dogs can enjoy them, with streams and an outdoor shower.

This hotel has a hot spring bathing area for dogs, where pets have a private welcome, because they receive their own celebration cake if their visit coincides with the date of their birthday, a luxury dog ​​residence that every dog It deserves to visit.

The Yufuin Garden Hotel located in Yufuincho Nakagawa, Japan has a rate that starts at $ 130 per room per night, at no additional cost for dogs, luxury, right?!

It should be noted that although your pet is important and part of your family, it is first advisable to investigate a little more so that your stay in a hotel of this list or others is as pleasant and comfortable as possible for you, in the same way there are more and more hotels that provide the pet lodging service in order to facilitate the life of the client and that while he passes by he feels relaxed in every way. We hope this list will serve as an orientation when traveling with your dog, and if you know any cheap or luxury hotel that you can recommend, do not hesitate to write your comment.

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