Photo and pet lovers always face a major complication: getting the dog or cat to remain still while taking a “selfie.” To help solve this complication comes Woofie, an Android gadget that will facilitate the capture of auto photos.

It works like a simple brooch that adapts to the top of your mobile and then we add a pet treat in the upper area of ​​the gadget. In this way, the animal will stare at the treat, enabling the necessary time of stillness and calm for an unforgettable photograph with our beloved pet. Simple. How did we not think of it before?

Woofie get your dog to be still in the photos

While the Woofie is an interesting Android gadget, it should be noted that it can cause dangerous situations for the mobile. It will depend on each type of pet, because some animals will be hypnotized looking at the treat so that we have our photo, but others may be more anxious and cause an accident with the mobile. It is recommended to use it carefully to avoid breakage in the mobile.

However, Woofie manufacturers are confident of reaching a good number of sales. You have to think that in the current times of social networks, many users want to upload photos with their pets to their Facebook and Instagram accounts. This accessory is perfect to achieve a good photo. For further customization, it can be purchased in three different colors: Glamor green, Fluffy Pink and Gray.

How do you get it?

If you are thinking of buying a Woofie, keep in mind that it costs $ 9.50 plus the shipping price. If you order two units, shipping is free. The purchase is made exclusively through the website of its creator.

Of the total purchase, 1% goes to help animals that are on the street. The gadget to get unbeatable selfies with your pet, also helps puppies and kittens alone in the world.

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